Custom Profile Menu for BuddyPress Review

Custom Prrofile Menu

There are so many things that we want to add to our profile. There is no such way to update that list from the predefined set of instructions from BuddyPress. To add a new list or topic to the profile menu, we can use a plugin like Custom Profile Menu for BuddyPress.

In this plugin, there are very minute and simple settings to put a newly created menu in the list of default BuddyPress profile menu.

This Plugin is Free to use and provide a direct hook to the menu of BuddyPress. This plugin is easily compatible with BuddyX theme so we are using the same theme here to show you all its functions from frontend.

Other than this, it provides a quick management system from the backend that help’s admin to modify the created tabs


This plugin requires BuddyPress plugin Installed on your WordPress site.

BP Custom Profile Menu Plugin Installation

To install Custom Profile Menu for BuddyPress you simply go to your wp-admin>>Plugins>>Add New.

BP Custom Profile Menu Plugin Installation
showing BP Custom Profile Menu Plugin

How To Reach the Settings of Custom Profile Menu for BuddyPress?

Once plugin installed and activated you can see BP Custom Menu option added to your dashboard.

BP Custom Menu
Showing BP Custom Menu option

There are no such main settings that need to be modified. In other words, we can say that it integrates itself to the profile without any major changes to the profile menu.

But, to reach the area where these menus can be created, you can follow these steps:

Go to WordPress Dashboard >> BP Custom Menu >> Add New

Here you can add a new or modify any previous menu.

There are three main fields that need to be focused on.

  1. Menu Name: Name to the new menu created.
  2. Content for the menu: Display some messages or notes on the menu.
  3. Menu position: Where to display the menu in the menu bar.
BP Custom Menus
showing new menu page

Where Will The Menu Be Displayed At Frontend?

The menu can be seen on the profile menu of the user. Here, the menu can be pinned on the position you will assign to it. Like: we have assigned an blogging tips menu.

BP Custom Menu
showing new menu option at frontend

Whatever information you want to add in your BP custom menu page you can add directly add it from edit custom profile menu for BuddyPress Page and the same information will appear in front-end of that page. You can see that highlighted content is same the content that we have provided in the page that we have created.

BP custom menu page
showing menu description

Every menu can be managed from all menu pages under BP custom menu and these menus can be quickly edited. All Menu types can be edited from this option.

BP custom menu
showing edit option from backend

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Wrapping Text

Overall we can conclude that this BuddyPress custom profile menu plugin provides an additional feature to add the menu to the list of other menus. By doing this, other relevant information can be shared among the users which are not possible with only BuddyPress Plugin.

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