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How to create an LMS website in WordPress?

WordPress is a highly used and versatile tool. It is a great Content Management System. Different kinds of users operate various types of websites using WordPress. It has a lot of plugins and customizations available. It is not like a traditional Learning Management System, but the plugins still help you create an LMS website using WordPress. If you are running a small startup and don’t have many resources to develop an LMS, you must try using the following method and create an LMS website with WordPress.

The only requirement is that you must have the knowledge of your needs from your desired LMS. This will help you make the right decisions and choices.

Are you choosing the right plugin for your LMS website in WordPress?

Plugins are the essence of all unique websites on WordPress. You need to choose one LMS plugin to create an LMS website. You can choose from a variety of WordPress plugins like LearnDash and LifterLMS. You will find a lot of plugins with varied specifications. But the important thing is that- most of them do the necessary items. They can do most of the things required. You can also choose from free and paid plugins. It is suggested to start with a free plugin. However, it is recommended not to switch between them after going live.

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Here are some of the highly-rated LMS options for you to choose from-


  1. LearnDash LMS– It is one of the most trustworthy and versatile WordPress plugins.
  2. LearnPress LMS– The highest-rated LMS among all. It is highly used and known to be a stable option.
  3. LifterLMS– It is an easy and affordable option. Everyone can use it, and as a starter, you can try this one to get the idea of setting up an LMS.

You can choose your best-suited LMS according to your requirements and preferences. Picking the suitable LMS is the first step of the process, and one of the most crucial ones and all the other decisions and actions will be around the same.

It would help if you also decided how you want to commercialize your LMS. It can either be a membership model or an individual course selling version.

A point to start

Once you have decided on the LMS plugin, you can start your LMS journey on WordPress. Now you need to choose and plan a structure using your LMS. You can start by writing down your specific requirements and making a checklist. You can also research other websites in the category to do so. Good observation will help beat the competition and have a fully serviceable and functional LMS. 

You can then move on to pick a theme. For this, you can also try to match the music with that particular LMS plugin. If they resonate together, it means that the end product will have lesser flaws. 

Tick things off the checklist

If you have created a checklist of your competitor’s great points and your specific requirements, it is time to read it and mark items off by adding them to the website. It would help if you made sure that no two things conflict with each other. It is also essential that they are supported by the plugin you chose.

You can also go to a forum or a community to ask fellow users of the plugin. Their existing questions will also help you understand better.

Start with your courses.

LMS Course

Your plugin must offer a few specifications and customization options; some would be like landing pages, lessons, topics, and quizzes. You can use these and create your courses with the suitable addresses and the correct type of test required.

You can create a study plan and course structure. Then, you can start creating and adding videos. Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline 360 are the tools you can use to make more interactive courses and videos.

If you feel like you need more functions and features, you can use more plugins. However, it is suggested to do so after gaining some experience. It might also slow your website down, so you can avoid it if not required.

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Set-up prices & commercialize

You can set up fees and choose your type of commercialization of courses according to your plugin.



Creating an LMS on WordPress is an easy yet learning process. It will be effortless if you have already used WordPress plugins before. There are three essential things to knowing your specific demands- how the final product should look like, which plugin you want to choose, and how you want to monetize the website. If you have clear answers to these questions and go well with each other, your LMS will be flawless.

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