BuddyPress Poke Plugin Review

BuddyPress Poke Plugin

Social Networking Pokes are the way to call someone without sending any message but pinging them with a notification. It’s like when someone needs the attention of the other person and the person will ask him about it later. Facebook introduced it way back in 2007, 2 years later from the initial launch of Facebook. On the other hand, BuddyPress is a community plugin, it does provide you the feature to connect to friends but the poking feature is not there.

Here comes, BuddyPress Poke plugin to rescue. This plugin will add the poke button to the member profiles and sends a notification when someone pokes them. Moreover, it adds a Poke tab in the user’s profile to list all the pokes. Here we are going to use BuddyX theme because poke plugin features with this theme looks very attractive from frontend. So lets get started:


  1. Poke anyone in the community.
  2. Poke spamming restriction until the poked user doesn’t poke back.
  3. Dedicated Poke Tab in member’s profile.
  4. Poke Notifications

BuddyPress Poke In-Depth Review

BuddyPress Poke Plugin Installation

To install BP poke plugin go to wp-admin>>plugins>>add new.  Then search plugin name in the search bar provided.  After then install and activate.  There is no backend setting available for this plugin. To check all his function go your the frontend of your website.

BuddyPress Poke Plugin Installation

Front-End Poke Button

BP Front-End Poke Button
showing poke button from frontend after plugin activated

Users will be able to poke other members of the community through the poke button provided by the plugin at members’ profiles.

BuddyPress Poke Plugin

Poke Spam Restriction

The plugin also provides you the feature to prevent spam poking to a user. If you poke a member then you will not be able to poke again the same person until the person pokes you back. The plugin will display an error.

Poke Spam Restriction

In above image you can see you have already poked to admin. So if you trying to poke same user again then you will show you error that You have already poked, Please wait for poke back. You can also add more protection to your profile from logged out users by using by using BuddyPress Private Community Pro plugin.
bp poke plugin


Poke Tab and Notification

Whenever someone pokes you, you will get a notification about who poked you and will take you to the poke tab located in Your Profile > Activity > Poke.

bp poke plugin

To poke back open notification and click on poke back.

buddypress poke plugin


Poking back and forth is a fun activity among friends and admins who own a BuddyPress community and can very easily integrate this feature without any effort or coding background.

The plugin works great with any theme and is user-friendly. So this is all about BuddyPress poke plugin, If you have any query about this plugin, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Thanks for Reading.

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