Profile Links for BuddyPress Plugin Review


Ever encountered in a community where they hide/protect their personal links from guest users and only logged-in community members will be able to see that link? Well, you can achieve that with the plugin we are going to mention in this article. Also, BuddyPress has no option to create custom member’s profile links such as member’s activity, messages, sent box, friends, notifications, etc.

Profile Links for BuddyPress plugin does exactly the same. It creates a custom (logged in) member’s profile link, allowing you to add wherever you want in your pages, posts or custom post types. You can also add custom CSS and HTML attributes to the provided shortcodes as a custom profile link. Moreover, the guest users won’t be able to see the link instead they will be asked to log in to see the link.

Requirements: This plugin requires BuddyPress plugin to be Installed and Activated on your WordPress site.

Profile Links Shortcodes

Profile Links for BuddyPress entirely works on shortcodes provided by the plugin which you can use to add in any of your pages, posts, etc while Publishing/Updating. Some of the shortcodes examples are given below:

[profile url=”activity/” text=”Click Here”]

[profile url=”notifications” text=”Notifications”]

[profile url=”messages/” id=”custom-integer-id” rel=”noreferrer” text=”Check your Messages”]

[profile style=”custom-css-code” url=”messages/compose/” text=”Compose a Message”]

[profile class=”my-custom-class” url=”Settings” text=”Set up your Profile”]

Profile Links for BuddyPress Plugin

Profile Links for BuddyPress Plugin

If you have guessed it, profile is the shortcode for this plugin in which url is the attribute that accepts the value of the slug of logged-in member’s profile tabs that he/she can access and text attribute accepts any string value which you want to display on the link. As in the examples, you can also use HTML and CSS attributes with them.

Moreover, the slugs and tabs added by any third-party plugins, such as WooCommerce Integration add Cart and Checkout tabs, etc will also work perfectly with this plugin and use them in the shortcode without any second thoughts.

Most importantly, if the url attribute is empty then it will still work and redirect you to the member’s profile page but the text attribute must not be empty otherwise there will be no text to display.

Logged-out Users message

Logged out members or Guest users will not be able to see the text or link provided by the plugin’s shortcode and will ask them to log in to see the link, as you can see in the following image.

Profile Links for BuddyPress Plugin


We consider this as a decent and most elegant way possible to protect your BuddyPress community without any hassle. We would love to hear your thoughts about this plugin too. Leave them in the comment section below. Thanks for Reading!

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