rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress Review


Multimedia is the combination of contents such as images, videos, music, animations, text, and any other interactive content. Media also makes your website much more attractive and gains more attention from the users. But unfortunately, BuddyPress only supports community components without any media support. Of course, you can add images and videos to your posts but it is not possible without using any plugin, it’s by design. 

Thanks to rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress, and bbPress. This plugin will let you create a gallery, store, and display images and videos very elegantly without any effort. It is easy to use and offers a lot more than just galleries, available as a free version, and as well as a premium version. rtMedia plugin has some addons to extend its functionalities such as:

  • SEO addon, to make the gallery and images SEO-friendly
  • Social Sharing addon, to add sharing option to different platforms
  • 5-star rating addon, to let users rate galleries and media
  • Sidebar Widget addon, in order to add rtMedia plugin fix at the side.
  • Favorites addon, to let users add specific media to their favorites list
  • Docs and Other Files addon, is also another great addon which lets users upload documents and other file types
  • And many more…

All these addons are paid but at very fair and convincing pricing. Also, the free version has a decent amount of features for users, yet it offers more of it in its premium add-ons. The plugin has already been fully translated into eight languages which are, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Slovak, Persian, and German.

rtMedia Features

  1. WordPress and BuddyPress Integration
  2. BuddyPress Activity Stream
  3. Organize Albums
  4. Fully Responsive
  5. Full Moderation and Control over media content
  6. rtMedia Uploader
  7. Featured Media
  8. Set Upload Terms
  9. rtMedia Gallery

rtMedia Premium Features 

  1. Instagram Effects
  2. Photo-Tagging
  3. Photo-Watermark
  4. Membership
  5. Social-Sync
  6. myCRED-Points and CubePoints Support
  7. Playlists
  8. Podcast-Feed
  9. WordPress-Comment-Attachment
  11. Album Privacy
  12. Bulk-Edit and Sorting
  13. Restrictions


rtMedia requires BuddyPress or bbPress installed and activated to work. Also, make sure that you have:

  1. PHP version 5.2.4 or later
  2. MySQL 5.0 or later
  3. Apache or NGINX web servers

rtMedia Plugin Detailed Review

#1 rtMedia Settings

You can access rtMedia plugin settings by Navigating to wp-admin > rtMedia > Settings. Here you will find Display, BuddyPress, Types, Media Sizes, Privacy, Custom CSS, Other Settings, Export/Import. rtMedia allows for changing different types of settings. Let’s take a quick look at them one by one.


  • Single Media View: Allow user to comment on uploaded media
  • Media Likes: Enable Likes for Media
  • Gallery Media Search: Enable Gallery Media Search
  • List Media View
    • Use Lightbox to display media
    • Number of Media per page
    • Media display pagination option
  • Masonry View: Enable Masonry Cascading grid layout
  • Direct Upload: Enable Direct Upload

rtMedia for WordPress BuddyPress and bbPress Review


  • Integration with BuddyPress Features
    • Enable media in the profile
    • Enable media in group
    • Allow upload from the activity stream
    • Number of media items to show in an activity stream
    • Enable media notification
    • Create activity for media likes
    • Create activity for media comments
  • Comment Media: Enable Media in comment
  • Album Settings: 
    • Organize media into albums
    • Show album description

rtMedia for WordPress BuddyPress and bbPress Review


Here, you can allow only specific types of media to be uploaded by the users. For example, you can disable video media to be uploaded by anyone.

rtMedia for WordPress BuddyPress and bbPress Review

Media Sizes

Here, you can assign media dimensions and sizes. You can assign image quality in for jpg and jpeg image formats.

rtMedia for WordPress BuddyPress and bbPress Review


You can enable group privacy uploads, so no member from outside the groups is able to see the media content in it.

rtMedia for WordPress BuddyPress and bbPress Review

Custom CSS

rtMedia allows you to use its default CSS styling as well as pasting your own custom styling CSS for the media content such as animations, transitions, translations, etc.

rtMedia for WordPress BuddyPress and bbPress Review

Other Settings

  • Admin Settings: Admin bar menu Integration
  • Ask Users to Agree to your Terms
    • Show “Terms of Service” checkbox on the upload screen
    • Show “Terms of Service” checkbox on the activity screen
    • Show “Privacy Message” on website
  • API Settings
    • Enable JSON API
    • Miscellaneous
    • Allow Usage Data Tracking
  • Footer Link: Add a Link to rtMedia in the footer

rtMedia for WordPress BuddyPress and bbPress Review



rtMedia for WordPress BuddyPress and bbPress Review

You can export or import your whole rtMedia settings as well as your rtmedia’s personal data. There is also an option to erase all your data in a single click, be careful while using it.

#2 Addons

To access the Addons section, Navigate to wp-admin > rtMedia > Addons. Here, you can get different types of premium addons for rtMedia to extend its functionalities such as Custom Attributes, Playlists, Favorites, etc.

rtMedia for WordPress BuddyPress and bbPress Review

#3 Themes

Here, you can buy themes compatible with rtMedia. rtMedia now also develops its own themes and also promotes rtMedia supported themes. 3rd Party Themes Tab will contain themes from other developers outside of rtMedia Camp. Official rtMedia Themes are rtDating, InspireBook, Foodmania.


Accessing/Posting Media

To access all your media, Go to your Profile > Media. All the media are categorized and very well organized. And you can easily upload more media to your profile or post on activity streams or groups. Just make sure that you have enabled uploading media from group, activity stream and profile from wp-admin > rtMedia > Settings > BuddyPress

rtmedia review


posting media


rtMedia has over 20,000+ Active Installation in the WordPress market and is also used in many popular WordPress themes. We definitely recommend using this plugin as we tested and used it a lot. It is well coded and easy to use plugin which any BuddyPress developer would want.

Feel free to ask any questions about the plugin in the comment section below. Thanks for reading. 

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