WordPress YouTube Channels

Top WordPress YouTube Channels for Website Development

Introduction – WordPress YouTube Channels

WordPress YouTube channels are a valuable resource for anyone seeking tutorials and guidance on using WordPress effectively. When faced with a WordPress-related challenge, many users turn to tutorials as their first step. However, with the vast amount of content available, finding a suitable guide with clear visual aids can be challenging.

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This is where WordPress YouTube Channels shine. While it might not be the first platform that comes to mind for WordPress enthusiasts, it offers a wealth of WordPress-focused channels packed with informative and visually engaging content. These channels provide a valuable source of knowledge and tips for WordPress users looking to enhance their skills and understanding of the platform.

Here is the list of top WordPress Youtube Channels Are:

1. WebTegrity – WordPress YouTube Channels

WebTegrity consistently delivers WordPress-related content on her YouTube channel every Wednesday, like clockwork. With a substantial following of over 50700 subscribers, her channel encompasses a wide range of topics, from valuable SEO tips to detailed WordPress how-tos and informative plugin roundups. Notable videos on her channel include a comprehensive roundup of the best free responsive themes, a tutorial on creating clickable phone numbers in WordPress, and a thorough review of the Revolution Slider.

The dedicated team at WebTegrity, who are the driving force behind this channel, also extends their WordPress expertise into real-world services. They offer various WordPress-related services, including classes, and given the high-quality content they produce on their channel, it’s a safe bet that their classes would be well worth exploring.

2. WebsiteWizard.tv

While not explicitly positioning itself as a WordPress-focused channel, WebsiteWizard.tv dedicates a substantial portion of its content to the widely acclaimed content management system. Launched in 2014, this relatively modest-sized channel has garnered nearly 1,13,000 subscribers and primarily aims to assist entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business proprietors in enhancing their web development proficiencies.

Over the years, the channel has rolled out multiple series centered around constructing WordPress websites, accompanied by intermittent comprehensive instructional videos. Beyond these offerings, WebsiteWizard.tv delves into tutorials on optimizing SEO strategies and maintains a well-received segment featuring roundups of various plugins.

3. UploadWP – WordPress YouTube Channels

While the video thumbnails of UploadWP might initially resemble infomercial advertisements, this channel stands out as an exceptional resource for in-depth WordPress tutorials. The unassuming host has successfully garnered a substantial following of over 14,000 subscribers, despite occasionally irregular upload schedules. UploadWP places a strong emphasis on content related to WooCommerce.

Among the channel’s most popular videos are comprehensive guides, such as one detailing the complete setup of a WooCommerce page and another demonstrating how to craft a personalized email template tailored to e-commerce ventures.

4. Katrinah

In the past, Katrinah held a traditional nine-to-five corporate job, but her career has since evolved into becoming an independent web developer and designer. Over the years, she undertook a self-taught journey to master the intricacies of WordPress. Starting in 2012, she began sharing her expertise with others, covering a wide spectrum of topics, from the fundamentals to highly specialized aspects.

With an impressive following of nearly 46,000 subscribers, Katrinah offers a diverse range of content. Some of her videos are extensive, spanning over two hours, while others are concise, clocking in at less than 20 minutes. This variety ensures that there’s something suitable for everyone seeking to learn from her.

5. ThemeIsle

While Themelsle channel is relatively new compared to others on this list, we have ambitious plans to establish ourselves as a prominent WordPress resource on YouTube over time.

In addition to offering general WordPress tutorials and tips, we provide valuable step-by-step guides for utilizing many of our themes. Furthermore, we have integrated articles alongside our video content, offering you a variety of ways to learn how to make the most of our themes and plugins. To date, we have garnered subscriptions from more than 38,400 WordPress users.

6. WP Klik – WordPress YouTube Channels

WPKlik is your one-stop destination for a wide range of WordPress tutorials, catering to complete beginners and offering quick tips that can significantly enhance your website. Whether you’re starting with zero prior knowledge or looking to expand your WordPress expertise, our channel provides an engaging and enjoyable learning experience.

With WPKlik, you can acquire the skills to effortlessly create your very own WooCommerce store and manage it independently. Explore the latest developments in the world of WordPress, and uncover the ideal theme for your new website; our video library encompasses a diverse array of topics to cater to your needs.

7. Web Squadron

Introducing Web Squadron, your go-to destination for enhancing your WordPress expertise. Dive deep into the world of Elementor page builder with us. If you’re eager to master Elementor, discover invaluable tips, and uncover a wealth of knowledge on building websites, don’t hesitate any longer—click that Subscribe button now!

8. Mr. Web Review

With two decades of experience in the web development industry under his belt, David Garray has embarked on a new venture by launching the YouTube channel known as “Mr Web Review.” On this channel, he generously imparts his vast knowledge and invaluable design insights. It serves as a treasure trove for those looking to delve into the world of WordPress themes and plugins, offering step-by-step tutorials tailored especially for beginners.

Additionally, David delves into the realm of WooCommerce themes and plugins, providing comprehensive guidance to set up a fully functional eCommerce platform, enabling individuals to effortlessly venture into the world of online selling.

9. Nayyar Shaikh

Nayyar Shaikh is an accomplished instructor who offers instructive video tutorials that are straightforward to follow. His channel provides comprehensive guidance on crafting your own customized and user-friendly WordPress website. Additionally, you’ll gain insights into effectively generating income from your website or blog. Furthermore, his channel offers a wealth of valuable advice on various subjects such as blogging, enhancing website traffic, engaging in dropshipping, and other pertinent topics.

10. Curso WordPress Definitivo

Cursos WordPress Definitivo” is an excellent resource for Portuguese speakers looking to enhance their WordPress skills. Similar to other YouTube channels offering WordPress video tutorials, this channel provides a wide range of topics to help you elevate your WordPress expertise. From hosting tips to email marketing strategies, you can expand your knowledge in various aspects of WordPress. Furthermore, you can delve into comprehensive lessons on blogging, optimizing website speed, mastering the Elementor page builder, and more.

11. Kripesh Adwani – WordPress YouTube Channels

Kripesh Adwani regularly imparts his personal insights on WordPress, along with a wealth of practical advice spanning hosting, VPNs, cloud storage, blogging, and online income generation. You can expect his video uploads every Wednesday and Saturday, ensuring you receive a consistent supply of up-to-date WordPress wisdom. Don’t forget to click the Subscribe button to stay in the loop!

12. WinningWP – WordPress YouTube Channels

For those seeking the most successful outcomes with WordPress, WinningWP is the go-to destination. This platform offers a wealth of valuable advice and strategies for effectively utilizing WordPress, catering to both beginners and seasoned professionals. Whether you’re in search of guidance on selecting the ideal hosting service or looking to delve into the intricacies of WooCommerce, WinningWP comprehensively addresses all pertinent WordPress subjects. Furthermore, it delivers in-depth resources designed to empower you in honing your expertise.

13. Edwin Cepeda

If Spanish is your primary language, I encourage you to check out EdwinCepeda’s official YouTube channel, where you’ll find informative WordPress tutorials to help you master all things related to WordPress.

14. Yoast – WordPress YouTube Channels

In 2023, the Yoast YouTube channel stands out as one of the top-rated WordPress channels, boasting an impressive subscriber count of over 30,900 and a rich library of 467+ videos. This channel serves as a valuable resource for WordPress enthusiasts, offering in-depth video tutorials on a wide range of SEO-related topics, including but not limited to the utilization of Yoast Premium WordPress SEO plugins, mastering readability analysis, implementing advanced text optimization techniques, and optimizing focus keyphrases, making it a premier destination for WordPress users seeking SEO guidance.

15. HasThemes

HasThemes is the official YouTube channel of HasTech IT LTD, boasting an impressive customer base of over 100,000 clients hailing from more than 80 countries worldwide. This channel is a treasure trove of top-notch WordPress-related content, establishing its reputation as one of the leading WordPress YouTube channels in 2023.

With an extensive library of 119 specialized videos covering a wide range of topics, including WordPress, HasThemes is undoubtedly a prominent destination for anyone looking to enhance their WordPress knowledge. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this channel for valuable WordPress insights and resources.

16. Profitable Tools

Profitable Tools offers honest and unbiased software tool reviews designed to support your business growth. Our reviews are free from marketing gimmicks and provide genuine insights. If you’re passionate about staying updated on the newest SEO tools, video marketing solutions, or web development applications, be sure to subscribe to our channel and enable notifications to stay informed about our latest reviews.

17. Website Learners

Website Learners, an Indian YouTube channel, has earned a prominent spot among the top-rated YouTube channels for WordPress Development. Impressively, the channel has amassed a substantial subscriber base of 810,000 in just four years since its inception. Each video on Website Learners focuses on providing step-by-step guidance and solutions for various WordPress-related tasks and challenges. For beginners in the field of WordPress Development, Website Learners are an invaluable resource, so it’s highly recommended to explore their content during the early stages of your journey into WordPress Development.

18. Automattic – WordPress YouTube Channels

Automattic is a YouTube channel that has been around for approximately six months and focuses on various aspects of WordPress development. The channel covers a wide range of topics, including WordPress, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Longreads, and more. Currently, Automattic has gathered a subscriber base of 23.9k dedicated viewers. Their video content typically falls within the 15 to 45-minute duration range. You’ll find valuable videos discussing important aspects of WordPress development, so make sure to explore their content!


Conclusion – WordPress YouTube Channels

In conclusion, this blog post has introduced you to some of the most popular and influential WordPress YouTube channels currently available. We hope this has provided you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision about which one aligns best with your specific needs.

To ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest WordPress tutorials, guides, and breaking news, we invite you to subscribe to our own YouTube channel. By doing so, you’ll have access to a wealth of WordPress-related content and keep yourself informed about all things WordPress.