Wild Apricot Alternatives

The Best Wild Apricot Alternatives for 2024

Are you seeking for a platform that manages memberships all in one place? Recently, Wild Apricot has risen to the top of the industry’s most popular platforms. It is a robust platform created to handle all of your community’s demands on one interface. But does the platform justify the cost? What are the best Wild Apricot substitutes if not? You may rely on a number of reliable pieces of software that are now available. But, you must initially decide which platform will best serve the demands of your community. In this blog, we will examine the top wild apricot alternatives. Want to learn more about it in detail? Here’s what to know!

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What to Look for in a Wild Apricot Alternative?

You must decide what you require from a membership management platform before adding it to the list of the top Wild Apricot alternatives. Task automation and simplification are the objectives of community software. The best platforms, meanwhile, go further and give creators more power over how users interact, work together, and establish bonds with one another. Rich community-centered features including member profiles, member group and individual chat options, polls, events, quizzes, membership data access, online course design tools, and more are some of the most frequently used criteria to look for.

What are the Top Wild Apricot Alternatives?

Want to learn about the best Wild Apricot alternatives? Here are the top considerations given below:


Do you require amusing and adaptable community management software? The best option for online communities, teams, and groups is BuddyPress. The platform enables the creation of any community. Owners of communities or companies can use it to handle notifications, add unique profile features, send members private messages, and much more.

BuddyPress’s main priorities are simple integration, user-friendliness, and extensibility. By selecting a compatible theme, you can enhance the features yet again. The two most well-liked themes are Reign and BuddyX, both provided by Wbcom. Depending on the themes of your community, you can select between the two.


Looking for a tool to quickly build a membership website? Professionals, publishers, educators, and anyone that produce material will find MemberSpace to be ideal. The platform makes it possible for anyone, regardless of technical proficiency, to launch and grow a membership community on any website. Get everything you need to plan, create, and grow your community on many platforms. You may build a community with MemberSpace that your members can access at any time. Your subscribers can register or log in with any device of their choice (phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop). Get endless choices, such as the ability to change profiles, add or remove credit cards, examine payment history, and more.

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Are you seeking amazing solutions that will enable your members to create, share, locate, and attend events? Use the global self-service ticketing platform to give your members access to a membership platform that satisfies their interests and enriches their lives. The best option is Eventbrite for a number of reasons. Start by planning a variety of events, such as air guitar contests, gaming tournaments, marathons, conferences, town hall meetings, and fundraising activities. Through live events, the software aims to bring individuals from all around the world together.

HigherLogic Thrive

Want to have a fantastic member engagement experience? In order to give your members what they want, HigherLogic Thrive is the ideal Wild Apricot substitute. You can quickly and simply develop engaging member experiences using Higher Logic Thrive. Get a thorough and focused platform created for associations. The most straightforward activities can be made simpler by using a variety of pre-built templates. Offer your members a rich experience with a community that is fully featured, and start earning money from your work.


With the greatest wild apricot replacement, you can turn your most loyal customers into brand promoters. Customer-focused brands leverage the best platform in the world to boost community involvement and advocacy. Influitive is cutting-edge software that combines strong tools and knowledgeable services. Enhance the member’s experience by providing specific solutions with customized onboarding, in-depth training, and fun and insightful guided outings. Intuitive has you covered whether you want to boost client satisfaction, encourage more conversions, or produce more prospects.


To showcase your abilities and knowledge, Kajabi is a great Wild Apricot substitute for making different types of content, including membership sites, podcasts, coaching programs, online courses, and more. Take advantage of Kajabi’s extensive collection of marketing tools and templates to create original content, campaigns, and funnels. A built-in CRM in Kajabi enables you to monitor your development. With connectors for Stripe and Paypal, use Kajabi to take payments, and keep track of analytics to improve your data-driven business decisions.


Are you searching for the ideal answer to engage and satisfy customers? The tribe is a great platform to help you accomplish this goal through member onboarding, content resources, events, and ongoing communication to help customers grasp the worth of your offering. Improve your understanding of your target market, cultivate brand evangelists, and encourage discussion of your company.

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The greatest Wild Apricot substitute and one of the best online course development tools for turning your skills into a lucrative company. Teachable enables you to design self-paced, cohort-based, or live courses. The tools provide a simple drag-and-drop builder so you can get started making online courses right away. Make use of the comprehensive capabilities and simple connection with a variety of services, such as MailChimp, Zapier, ConvertKit, Google Analytics, and Segment.

Mighty Networks

With Mighty Networks, build a dynamic community for your courses, memberships, and offers. A community-based course that emphasizes member challenges, events, and activities rather than just course content is created with assistance from one of the top Wild Apricot substitutes. As an alternative, you can create a live cohort-based course that only focuses on the course material. Through articles, videos, and conversations, you may also establish a true community culture.


With one of the most dependable and leading community management systems, you can build and sell online courses, monetize memberships, and create vibrant communities. Let members of your community plan activities, provide online lessons, and share their expertise with students so they may learn from you at their own pace. Give your pupils the opportunity to take part in a collaborative learning activity that you plan, oversee, and charge for.

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Final Thoughts

A thorough grasp of the various goods is necessary to select the best Wild Apricot substitutes. The first step is to choose a platform that makes community formation and membership maintenance simple. The majority of alternatives must, nevertheless, adhere to the requirements. Yet, BuddyPress eliminates the need for hesitation. The platform gives you total control over your members and aids in determining how to enhance the results. As a result, you can use BuddyPress to build a community that is profitable. For more convenience and speed, pair it with the BuddyX or Reign theme.

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