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8 Best WordPress File Upload Plugins for 2024 [Both Free and Premium]

Are you looking for ways to start a conversation with your audience on your WordPress website? Forms are among the greatest methods to initiate communication between your clients. You can add a simple form to any page of your website to request user comments, collect contact details, queries, etc. While WordPress doesn’t have any default way of adding forms to your plugin, you can use the several WordPress file upload plugins available in the market. You can access both free and premium plugins based on your needs to add forms to your site. In this blog, we will mention the top file upload plugins that will make your job easier.

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Why Choose a WordPress File Upload Plugin?

Adding a WordPress file upload plugin offers many advantages to website professionals. In this ever-increasing competition, you need to improve communication with your customers. A file upload plugin makes it easier, user-friendly, hassle-free, and much smoother for users to interact with your website and share their information. But first, you need to identify the purpose of collecting information from your leads.

8 Must-Have File Upload Plugins for Your WordPress Website

Let’s have a look at the top file upload plugins for your WordPress website. Here we go!!

1. WPForms

WpForm plugin

WPForms has been considered the easiest and most powerful WordPress file upload plugin among website owners. It comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder that helps you add forms and upload file features to your WordPress website. Create forms within minutes without any hassle and coding knowledge with the robust plugin. The simple tool makes it quick to create a file upload form for beginners.

WPForms also provides an option to set a file size limit to protect from unnecessary loads. You may accept one or even several file uploads with WPForms Pro on your forms. The form can be displayed on your website without any HTML being pasted. Create as many forms as you want using the huge templates gallery to save time. Pricing plans for WPForms are very affordable and it comes in a free version as well.

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2. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms plugin

Do you want the most powerful solution for creating custom forms for better audience reach and communication? Gravity Forms is a well-recognized WordPress file upload plugin for lead generation, feedback, and support forms. It includes a drag-and-drop form builder to put together your website forms and custom fields to collect almost any kind of information you need with ease.

You can quickly design and build your required forms to start collecting and nurturing leads. It comes with a conditional logic feature that gives the control to display or hide fields, sections, or different forms based on inputs. No need to manually save entries as the plugin allows automated storing of entries in the server. Of course, Gravity Forms is a feature-rich builder for more than just file uploads. Get all the tools you need to save your time and effort at the best prices.

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3. Forminator

Forminator WordPress plugin

Another awesome WordPress file upload plugin we have on our list is Forminator. Forminator is not just a typical form-building plugin, but rather a complete package free of cost. With the click of a button, users can upload files of any size and format. Additionally, the smooth integration with Stripe and PayPal helps you accept payments, create contribution polls, and sell merchandise using its extra capabilities.

Forminator offers great flexibility to help you limit the number of file uploads, file size, and file kinds using this simple-to-use plugin. Additionally, Forminator lets you include a quiz section and an audience poll, both of which serve to increase site engagement. Overall, it’s the most feature-rich WordPress file submission plugin available. Collect leads, encourage communication, and increase conversions with the best plugin available.

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4. WordPress File Upload

WordPress File Upload plugin
WordPress file upload plugin

Want the best WordPress File Upload plugin for your website? Why not try the most intuitive plugin to let users upload files to your website with ease? WordPress File Upload is an awesome choice for website owners looking for ease, convenience, and affordability in the same place. The best thing about this is the free access to all.

That means you can enjoy the rich features for free with WordPress File Upload. It features both a sidebar widget and a shortcode for a file upload area that you can position virtually anywhere on the page. You may see a file that has been uploaded to your WordPress dashboard. Besides the great ease and flexibility, this plugin has a tonne of useful extra functions. Moreover, you can also add other fields like email, dropdowns, and checkboxes to get more data from visitors.

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5. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms WordPress plugin
WordPress file upload plugin

As a WordPress user, you might have heard a lot about Ninja Forms. It has been a popular and trusted WordPress file upload plugin to allow users to upload audio files, PDFs, spreadsheets, pictures, videos, and others with paid extensions. Ninja Forms has been considered a free and 100% beginner-friendly plugin with a dedicated support team for a smooth process. No needs to be a designer as the drag-and-drop builder helps you create engaging forms without any coding knowledge. Additionally, you can choose the location of user-uploaded files, allowing them to be saved to your WordPress media library, Google Drive, Dropbox, or even Amazon S3.

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6. Big File Uploads

Big File Uploads plugin
WordPress file upload plugin

Sometimes you need your users to upload files in large sizes. In such cases, you need to increase your file size limit which isn’t possible with all plugins. That’s where the need for the Big File Uploads plugin arises. It is a free and simple WordPress file upload plugin that lets your users upload large-size files on your website. Using the plugin is very simple. You just have to install the plugin and upload your media files straight after activating. The files can be as big as your server allows. You can only set a maximum upload size limit through the settings section.

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7. WP User Frontend

WP User Frontend plugin
WordPress file upload plugin

WP User Frontend is the ultimate choice for WordPress users to make their friends better and more attractive. It comes with a wide variety of features to allow registration, user profile membership, content restriction, user directory, and frontend post submission possible

Additionally, users can create unlimited post-type forms and upload files of any size without having access to the back end of your website. The quantity, variety, and size of submitted files are all restrictions that you can impose. WP User Frontend makes it all possible with a drag-and-drop builder. This makes it one of the best WordPress file upload plugins for your website.

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8. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms plugin
WordPress file upload plugin

Formidable forms is another popular and highly preferred WordPress file upload plugin you can have for your website. No coding knowledge? Not an issue!! Formidable forms come with a drag-and-drop builder to let you create and add special fields to your forms without difficulty.

Users have the option of adding a file or just dragging it into a form field. The files you upload are saved automatically in the WordPress Media Library for easy access whenever you need them.

Moreover, instead of making users fill out many forms, the plugin enables you to accept multiple files from them in a single form. You can decide the type of file formats and restrict size based on your website requirements. It comes with a 14-day trial policy to help you decide whether it suits your needs.

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Final Verdict

A WordPress file uploads plugin is an essential part of any website. If you want to indulge in two-way communication with your audience, you ended to allow them full access to share their details and queries with you. Several reasons might be there to add a file upload feature to your website. It will be easier for you to choose the right option with the help of the above list of free and premium plugins. All the plugins listed above have been popular for their flexibility and reliability. If you think you need more advanced features, you can go with the premium options. Otherwise, the free plugins will be of great use for your file upload feature needs.

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