WordPress Quotes Plugin

WordPress Quotes Plugin: Add Quotes Feature On Your BuddyPress Community

Do you want to allow your members to share quotes in your online community? How about choosing a WordPress quotes plugin? Quotes offer an excellent option for your member to share their thoughts using a quotation by a renowned personality. A quote can be in several forms, such as an image-worthy text, a snippet, a humorous phrase, information, and more. If you want to make your community look more engaging and interactive, a quote plugin can significantly help. Before adding this stunning feature to your online community, here is all you need to know. Let’s start!!

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Reasons Your Audience Use Quotes On Social Media

You might have seen information, image-worthy texts, humorous lines, or snippets many times on social media. Social networking platforms allows users an option to express their thoughts better using a quotes feature. Quotes offer an excellent option for the audience to share their thoughts in different forms, such as informative, positive, humorous, motivational, and more. However, have you ever thought about why people share quotes rather than other options? Here we will help you learn why you must use a WordPress quotes plugin for your online community websites. Also, we will discuss why the BuddyPress quotes plugin can be an ideal choice for your WordPress community. Let’s find out!!

Convey Better in Small Words

You have the rising craze of microblogging on social networks. Have you thought there is larger engagement on microblogs than on bigger blogs? Similarly, quotes are used to convey more in a short period. People nowadays have meagre attention spans. That’s why they look for ways to add more value to their lives in a shorter time.

A WordPress quote plugin helps both audience and site admins in several ways. First of all, community owners don’t have to prepare long-form content regularly to convey their thoughts. Secondly, it helps the audience to grasp the information quickly while scrolling through their newsfeed.

Connect Emotionally

WordPress Quotes Plugin
WordPress Quotes Plugin

Have you ever gone through a quote and found it relatable? That’s because quotes can connect people instantly and arouse a sense of emotion in people. This way, when you read a post so relatable to your life or yourself, you tend to scroll down the page to find more of them. Thus, we can say it can be a great idea to add a WordPress quotes plugin for your online community to increase the engagement rate.

Easier to Consume

There are several ways to express your thoughts and emotions in an online community. But why do you think a WordPress quotes plugin can be a perfect solution? That’s because a quote appears like a visual image, making it easier to understand and read. Also, you know how visuals impact the human brain more than texts.

As you can create beautiful backgrounds with your quotes, it looks more appealing than plain text formats. In addition, you can easily convey your thoughts or educate your audience about a specific topic incredibly through quotes. So are you ready to add this excellent plugin to your community website?

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Why is BuddyPress Quotes Plugin the Best Solution?

Fortunately, you have several options on your plate if you have a community website on your scale. Plenty of plugins are available for each feature you want to include on your community website. However, finding the most appropriate option for your website is crucial.

BuddyPress Quotes plugin by Wbcom designs is among the most preferred choice by community owners for a reason. This is a dedicated plugin for BuddyPress and BuddyBoss platforms to give your members a chance to express their thoughts through quotes. The best part is the one-click installation and customization features.

Install this WordPress Quotes plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard and configure the settings to set up. Meanwhile, let’s have a quick view of the top features of this stunning Addon:

Backend Settings

BuddyPress quote plugin backend setting
WordPress Quotes Plugin

BuddyPress Quotes plugin is designed exclusively for community website owners who want to give their audience something extraordinary. It allows site administrators to configure settings from the backend and select what images and backgrounds will be available to their members. In addition, they can allow members to post multiple images using different backgrounds.

Users can choose the colors, fonts, and backgrounds before posting their quotes in your community. Site owners have complete control over what colors, backgrounds, and fonts will be available for users and in what quantity.

Admin Control

This WordPress quote plugin allows site admins to control their member’s options on the community websites. Admins have the option to add custom images for their members to make their platform better and more engaging. They add custom images and enable/disable permissions to let members share their thoughts expressively. Also, an Invert color option is available for users to make their platform more personalized. Get the option to delete pre-selected images and auto-select colors and texts based on your needs.

Publish Under Activity or Groups

You cannot choose a plugin based on compatibility with your platform only. You must ensure that it includes features you need for your community’s growth. BuddyPress Quotes plugin is an excellent Addon to add to your community website. You can allow your members to publish posts directly under activity or group pages. Enable the WordPress quotes plugin to show the quotes feature inside the ‘What’s New’ section. Decide where you want to show the feature and enable/disable features based on preference.

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Final Thoughts on WordPress Quotes Plugin

To grow your community, you need to focus well on user engagement and experience. With a WordPress Quotes plugin, you can easily achieve both at affordable prices. This stunning plugin is packed with unique features that allow your members to share their thoughts expressively. So are you ready to explore the interesting features of this robust addon? First, visit Wbcom designs’ website to choose the most suitable pricing package. Then, get the BuddyPress quote plugin and install it on your online community to allow your members to engage easily. Have queries? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!!

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