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Best WordPress Membership Plugins Compared – 2024 Guide

Do you want to set up your WordPress membership site? Don’t worry, we are here to help. Most businesses and organizations are looking to start their membership sites to reach a wider audience. It has the ability to help businesses attract a large audience to their products and services. With the help of Membership plugins, you can create a membership site.

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You need to consider several things to make a successful membership site. The excellent features of WordPress, one of the most popular CMS, can help you build a responsive and user-friendly website effortlessly.

WordPress offers several plugins with great features and functionalities for building membership sites. But the most challenging job is to choose from the pool of plugins available for WordPress. So before jumping to the list of the best WordPress membership plugins, let’s talk a bit about what they are and why it is a great idea to have one.

What are Membership Sites?

Before we proceed to the best WordPress membership plugins list, we must first learn what they are and how they add value to brands and businesses. In simple language, membership websites are sites that allow businesses and organizations to share gated content. Only added members have access to the content shared on these websites.

In general, a membership website provides a platform to share valuable content for various purposes, including training videos, downloadable content, subscription content, and a lot more.

Why Do You Need a Membership Site?

Building a membership website offers a lot more than only revenue. It allows you to connect with your loyal customers and provide your audience with a platform where you can showcase your unique offering to those genuinely interested in your products and services. Furthermore, it also helps build a sense of trustworthiness and reliability for your brand in the eyes of your audience.

Whether you want the best platform to get closer to your audience or develop better relationships with your audience, a membership site can help you achieve all that in one place. So what are you waiting for? Choose WordPress to build your own membership site using the plugins mentioned below. Let’s Have a look at them:

Best WordPress Membership Plugins – The Comparison

1. WooCommerce Memberships

WooCommerce membership plugin
Membership Plugins

Want to create a membership system that is seamlessly tied to your e-commerce store? Restrict your content to only people who register and log in to your website. In simple terms, WooCommerce Membership allows you to create a purchasing club where visitors need to register before buying the products and services. Offer products or services exclusive to your members only. One of the best features of this plugin is it lets you restrict product viewing and purchasing options that allow only members to view or buy them.

WooCommerce Membership offers several attractive features like a special reward system for your members and a fully customizable coupon system. This means you can offer special rewards to the members, such as free shipping. You can do more things with this excellent plugin, like creating a stand-alone product and a plan to sell the product.

Attractive Features:

  • Content dripping
  • Membership-level discounts
  • Members-only Dashboard
  • Easy communication with members
  • Restrict product viewing and purchasing

2. MemberPress

MemberPress membership plugin
Membership Plugins

Are you looking for an All-in-one solution for your WordPress site? MemberPress has become the most popular choice for building a membership website. It comes with great features and functions that let you create fully-functional membership websites without much hassle.

Another great attraction of MemberPress is its compatibility with almost all kinds of themes and platforms. That means it can easily go with the custom-built themes that give you complete control over your membership website.

Monetize your WordPress website using these amazing WordPress membership plugins to control how you can see and access your content.

Attractive Features:

  • Paywall and Content Dripping
  • Subscription Billing
  • Course Creator
  • Member-only Dashboard
  • Digital Downloads
  • Customizable Coupon and Reward System
  • Customizable Checkout and unlimited membership levels

3. Ultimate Member

Ultimate manager membership plugin
Membership Plugins

With over 200,000 websites built using Ultimate Member, the plugin has gained much popularity in the industry. It comes with extensive features and functions that let you create fully-customizable online communities and membership sites.

Ultimate Member is a freemium membership plugin that works perfectly for small and medium-sized websites. A complete membership package combined with beautiful frontend features and powerful admin functionality allows you to build a fully-customizable membership site.

Attractive Features:

  • Member Directories
  • User Registration, Login, and Roles
  • Content Restriction
  • Advanced extensions with a pro membership

4. LearnDash

LearnDash membership plugin
Membership Plugins

LearnDash is a WordPress plugin used exclusively for building a membership site for selling online courses. It is listed among the list of the best WordPress membership plugins for many reasons. First, it is a perfect option for those whose primary focus is selling online courses. Second, LearnDash comes with advanced features and functionalities that allow you to share gated content on your website.

Get everything you need with only a little drag and drop using the great features of LearnDash. Additionally, it also allows you to go creative with their easy compatibility on your favorite platforms and themes. So, Choose whatever platform or themes you want to gravitate your audience to your membership platform for online learning.

Attractive Features:

  • Customizable Pricing Model
  • Multiple Payment Gateway
  • Auto Renewal Reminders
  • Complete Refund Protection
  • Automate Notifications
  • One-time courses, badges, and certifications

5. S2Member

S2member membership plugin
Membership Plugins

People generally get confused with the wide options of WordPress membership plugins available on WordPress. As a beginner, you can start with S2Member for excellent features and functionalities.

The biggest attraction of S2Member is its free features that let you protect and manage content for only paying members. However, there are many features that you won’t get with the free version, like one-step registration and checkout. It is still a popular plugin for many good reasons.

Attractive Features:

  • Content restriction Options
  • Manual Account Creation
  • Open Registration options
  • Shortcode Conditionals
  • Custom LoginRegistration Design


Start Building Your WordPress Membership Website Now

Choosing the right plugin for your membership website may sound like a strenuous job. Through this blog, you can shortlist the best WordPress membership plugins for your website to start sharing gated content with only your paid member. You can also keep following our latest blogs for more information and insights about the best WordPress tips and strategies. Now start building your membership site for your audience!!

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