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Best WordPress Membership Plugins

Creating membership sites is a growing trend on the web. Whether you are just starting or already have your membership site, WordPress membership plugins help you to monetize your page and get it lucrative. Transform your WordPress site into a fully-functional membership site today with the help of WordPress membership plugins. With the help of given membership plugins, you can create a premium content library and make it accessible only to your registered members.

With the use of a proper membership plugin, you can turn your site into a long-term profit-generating machine. The membership program is very predictable. On the basis of the program, you can expect payments every month, every quarter, or every year. How do membership plugins help you to restrict your content? Can members manage their subscriptions from the front end? There are lots of questions that are needed to be answered.

A few reasons for using a membership plugin:

Can easily create a highly engaging email list

The membership plugin allows you to create a content library and is accessible only to registered users. You can also add registered users to your email list and can collect the email addresses of hyperactive users.

Authority demonstration

Membership plugins help you develop a good relationship with your loyal customer. It allows you to provide great content behind the paywall by creating a membership site.

Deliver More Value

The best thing about creating a membership site is that it helps you to deliver more value to registered members forever. You can easily build on that content to create even more value for your users and share them. This will encourage users to continue paying you for access.

Here are the best WordPress membership plugins in one spot which will help you to create your membership site. Choosing the right membership plugin is crucial for your business growth because if your decision turns out wrong then your business will suffer. Choose the best WordPress membership plugin which includes relevant features as per your requirements.

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Choose The Best WordPress Membership Plugin

1.  s2Member

s2 member

s2Member is a free and popular WordPress Membership plugin. To monetize your existing site or want to create a new one s2Member plugin is here to help. S2Member provides you with content restriction options by adding a couple of neat restriction methods. It allows you to restrict access to WordPress Posts, BuddyPress/bbPress, and even portions of content inside full posts. You can also restrict them by:

  • URL structures
  • Custom post types
  • Pages
  • Shortcode
  • File downloads

S2Member is equipped with complete documentation, and video tutorials, and helps you build and maintain a membership site forever. Start for free as it includes all necessary functionality and then dive all in with its membership program. It gives a good number of options for creating unlimited subscription levels. There are also some helpful alternative view restrictions that let you handle restricting content:

  • RSS Feeds
  • Search results
  • Comment feeds
  • Nav menus
  • The Pro version also supports content dripping.

S2Member lets you sell recurring access and supports all the popular payment methods. It allows you to store files locally. The free version lets you accept payments via PayPal Standard and the Pro version support for:

  • PayPal Pro
  • Stripe
  • Authorize.net

The pro version provides you with access to one of the most comprehensive membership plugins on the market. s2Member comes with amazing features like content dripping, user roles, 1-step registration, and checkout, unlimited paid membership levels, and so much more.


  • Easy-to-accept recurring payments
  • Includes PayPal integration in Framework version
  • Coupon codes and coupon code tracking
  • Gift certificate codes
  • Customizable pro-form templates


S2member is a free WordPress membership plugin. It doesn’t cost anything. If you want additional features, then you have to give a one-time fee of $89 for a single site license.

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2.  WP-Members

wp member

WP-Members is another free WordPress Membership plugin that works opposite to the other plugins and does not stay free for too long. Instead of restricting certain content, WP-Members restrict premium content and create custom registration fields. You can mark the content you want to be available to everyone.

WP-Members plugin is easy to set up and is the most flexible. WP-Members are highly customizable if you have some coding knowledge. It keeps the registration process on the front end of your website. It also comes with a number of premium add-ons to add integrations, subscriptions, and more

WP-Member is one of those plugins that require some coding knowledge. Users need to implement some of their coding skills into it to make it fully workable. No modification is required to your site theme. It is required only if you want to modify the look of your site and restrict certain content.

As per your need, certain posts can easily be set to be banned or unbanned. This means you can overrule the default settings without making any other adjustments. WP-Member plugin supports custom login forms. It also includes integrations with popular plugins such as WooCommerce, BuddyPress, bbPress, Easy Digital Downloads, and more.


  • No modification is required to your existing WordPress theme
  • Create custom registration and profile fields
  • Limit menu items to logged-in users
  • Restrict or hide posts and pages
  • Add post-excerpt teaser content automatically
  • Hold new registrations for admin approval
  • Notify admin of new user registration

Create powerful customizations with more than 120 actions and filter hooks


It is a free plugin with very limited functionality; pricing starts at $59/year and $499 for a lifetime.

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3. Ultimate Membership Proultimate member

Ultimate Membership Pro is the best and most popular WordPress Membership Plugin that comes with free and paid subscriptions. This plugin allows you to create and work with multi-level exclusive access based on free or paid packages. Ultimate Membership Pro comes with some key features including various payment gateways, drip content, and numerous membership levels.

As for payment gateways, you can accept payments via:-

  • Stripe
  • 2Checkout
  • Authorize.net
  • Braintree

Ultimate Membership Pro comes with a premium tool dedicated to WordPress users who are in need of an all-in-one solution for their websites or online membership business. It allows you to limit access to your entire site or just the most valuable content as per your need. You can secure your content on all sorts of levels including pages, products, URLs, images, and more. There are various themes available and ready to use. No need to build something from scratch, use the predefined material and improve on it.

Ultimate Membership Pro is extensible. It gives you both the options whether you want to broaden or narrow down the content restriction, including functionality to restrict by:

  • Individual posts, pages, or custom post types
  • Categories or tags
  • Files
  • Specific URLs
  • Partial content using shortcode

On the basis of the user’s membership level, you can also restrict menu items to show different navigation options. Ultimate Membership Pro includes email marketing integration as well as social login integration for easy account signup. It also allows you to log in with the most popular social networks for even easier and quicker access to the members’ area. Members can choose their sign-up option. They can either sign up with Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts. You can sell subscription plans, including options for both free trials and coupons.


  • Membership badges
  • Push notifications
  • Public members directory
  • Printable membership card
  • Ultimate Membership Pro Pricing

Membership PRO provides a flexible structure that helps you to build new Levels and set them into certain restriction conditions. Levels can be set to be with a free charge or a pay one. Only a registered user can submit to Level access or upgrade to a better one via the Subscription Plan interface.


Ultimate Membership Pro is the most flexible plugin when it comes to payments. An ultimate Membership Pro cost is $49 with standard Envato licensing.

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4.  ARMember

WordPress Membership Plugins

ARMember is a free and modern WordPress Membership Plugin designed to create unlimited membership levels, restrict content with 1 click, drip content, and more. You can use the ARMember membership plugin to engineer the finest subscription-based online projects. It comes with a wide range of features and a built-in form builder that lets you create custom forms and signup pages.

ARMember does not require any coding and design experience to work. You just need to click and arrange things in the right order. This plugin provides you with tons of different ways by which you can restrict your site content based on level, partial content restriction of any post, IP limitations, redirects, and other options. ARMember includes all types of membership configurations like one-time payments, free and paid trial periods, invite-only, and recurring payments.


  • Create free and trial memberships
  • It allows you to upgrade, cancel, renew, or downgrade memberships
  • Social login forms
  • Badges and achievements
  • Drip/scheduled content
  • Restrict specific URLs
  • Partially restrict content
  • Flawless BuddyPress/BuddyBoss Forum Support
  • Parallel Membership subscription

ARMember comes with a built-in page builder. It provides all genres of membership-related functionality in a symmetrical way and is easy to use. It allows you to create services to connect people and communities in one place – whether it’s your company or hobby.

It comes with a special module that allows users to sign up with their social accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, and others. Users can choose different profile templates that are available with various badges of achievements. We highly consider your Security concerns so without wasting time choose the ARMember plugin and save your money to be spent on numerous plugins to secure your site.


Free; the premium version is $43. You can even charge your members for specific content pages, which is really a great method to remove extra content and provide users access to the only content they are looking for.

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5.  Paid Memberships Pro

WordPress Membership Plugins

Paid Memberships Pro is another fantastic WordPress membership plugin that comes with a great set of features. It provides you with a sophisticated tool with many options to achieve the full functionality of such sites.

To see how everything works, you can start with the free plan. It has limited features for free. It is a great option for everyone who is unsure whether or not Paid Memberships Pro is the right plugin for them. After a while, you can upgrade from Paid Membership Pro to the Plus or go straight to the unlimited version. It also provides you unlimited access levels with flexible pricing, offers coupons and discount codes, drip content, and more. At the end of the day, it all falls to your business requirements.


  • Unlimited Levels with Flexible Membership Pricing
  • Integrates with constant contact
  • 6 Popular Payment Gateways Included
  • Pay per post/view
  • Extensive Options for Content Restriction
  • Compatible with: PayPal, PayPal Pro/Express, 2CheckOut, Stripe
  • Allows for acceptance of recurring payment
  • Members-only product discounts

Use Paid Memberships Pro for all sorts of online projects as it includes all amazing features. It is for organizations having thousands of members. You are allowed to set different levels of membership, from free and paid to subscriptions based on weekly, monthly, and yearly payments.

Paid membership pro is another well-known option that comes packed with tons of functionality. This plugin is available at WordPress.org for free.

Other Helpful Paid Memberships Pro Features

With the paid versions of this plugin, you get access to more than 60 add-ons, which gives you the potential for a lot of modular functionality including:

  • Integrations with email marketing services
  • Can sell access to individual posts or pages as an add-on package
  • Email notifications, including automatic expiration/renewal reminders
  • Zapier integration for automation
  • Slack notifications
  • Affiliate program integrations

Paid Memberships Pro Payment Options and Gateways

Paid Memberships Pro comes with built-in support for various payment gateways including:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Authorize.net
  • Braintree
  • 2Checkout
  • PayFast

For more gateways access, there is also a WooCommerce integration that lets you sell memberships via WooCommerce. You can offer both free trials or create discount codes for new users. Once members have a subscription, then they can easily manage their own subscription from the front end.


Free plan; premium plans start at $297. You can also collect recurring payments automatically for subscriptions.

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6.  Restrict Content Pro

WordPress Membership Plugins

Restrict Content Pro is another popular and lightweight WordPress membership plugin that comes with all the necessary features you need to create a full-featured membership site. This theme works perfectly with all WordPress themes and plugins. It is very easy to use so even beginners can work on it perfectly. It includes features like data CSV export, unlimited subscription packages, and reports on how your membership site performs.

Restrict Content Pro lets you create unlimited membership levels to restrict the post types or entire categories. You can also restrict the permission of using your content with a powerful plugin and get paid on a membership basis. Set the level that works best for you, and start planning a long-term business with recurring revenue.


  • Easy to Use
  • Flexible Subscription Levels 
  • Content dripping
  • Clearly separate public content from private content
  • Membership emails
  • Can offer discounts on membership subscriptions

You can create an unlimited number of discounts. With the help of promotional tools, you can set a flat rate discount or a percentage, set expiration dates, and even limit the number of uses. Restrict Content Pro’s comprehensive customer dashboard and detailed earnings reports.

Restrict Content Pro also includes shortcodes to restrict specific parts of your content. And if that’s still not enough, you can always use the PHP functions to restrict anything via your theme’s template files. It gives you multiple options to choose how the restriction works. You can restrict by:

  • Any subscription level
  • Only paid subscription levels
  • Specific individual subscription levels
  • All subscription levels above that one
  • WordPress user role

Restrict Content Pro payment options and gateways

Restrict Content Pro comes with popular payment gateways including:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • 2Checkout
  • Authorize.net.


Restrict Content Pro costs $99/year for a single site license and includes 12 free add-ons.

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There you have it! Above are some of the best WordPress Membership Plugins to create your fully-functional membership site. To get a suitable plugin, make a list of those features that mean the most to you, and take the time to check off the features covered in a certain plugin. Then take a moment to download them that will satisfy your needs. So, choose the best WordPress eCommerce plugin for your online business from the above. We hope you find the best WordPress membership plugin for your site.

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