LearnDash Add-ons That Boost Student Engagement

Top LearnDash Add-ons That Boost Student Engagement

Using LearnDash plugin for your WordPress e-learning platform and having thoughts about optimizing the plugin used for maximizing output. You are in the right place, as we will discuss some kickass features of the LearnDash plugin and some LearnDash add-ons that are great for increasing headcounts, creating fun and engaging content, managing portals in more efficient ways, and much more.

What is LearnDash?

LearnDash is one of the best LMS (Learning Management System) plugins on WordPress. It provides many features that enhance the overall learning experience, helps in marketing and sales, and robust overall management.

Some features of LearnDash

  • You can create fantastic courses without any restrictions and provide premium features to your students, such as Focus Mode, advanced quizzing, drip-feed lessons, level-perquisites, and much more.
  • You can provide your users with automated notifications, course points, assignments, leaderboards, discussion forums, certificates and badges, and much more.
  • Features like subscriptions, shopping cart, courses bundle, bulk access, etc., help in sales and marketing.
  • Group reporting, assignment management, detailed reporting on various aspects such as enrollment, performance, etc., helps the admin to manage courses and learners with a flexible approach.
  • With different plugin integrations, you can add more functionality to your e-learning website and increase efficiency.

These are some of the features which make the LearnDash LMS plugin different from the other LMS plugins. But, to create differentiation with your WordPress e-learning website, you have to use several different plugins and LearnDash add-ons.

Our LearnDash Add-ons That Boost Student Engagement

Some of the premium add-ons that add significant value to your e-learning website and must-have add-ons for differentiating and increasing the efficiency of your e-learning platform are:

LearnDash Notes

LearnDash Notes

This premium add-on helps in creating real-time notes for lessons, courses. Some of the features of the LearnDash Notes add-on are:

1. Real-time note-taking for any course or topic.
2. The administrator can display notes on specific profiles through a shortcode.
3. Notes can be displayed on the student’s dashboard with the support of the LearnDash DashBoard plugin.
4. Admins and instructors can view students’ notes; they can add feedback to the students’ notes.

LearnDash wpForo

LearnDash wpForo

This add-on is dedicated to creating and managing forums for your e-learning platform. Features of LearnDash wpForo are:

1. The admin controls the access to forums. The admin has options between “All” and “Any.” If the “All” option is chosen, students must be enrolled in all of the courses before getting access to the forum. “Any” option provides access to the forum if the student is enrolled in any courses.
2. It helps to maintain the privacy of the forum by keeping discussions private.
3. You can also provide read-only access to some forums or students. It depends on the circumstances.
4. LearnDash wpForo provides a dedicated widget for the forum. Each course can have its exclusive forum, and the forum widget will display next to the forum.

Reign LearnDash Add-on

Reign LearnDash Addon

This LearnDash add-on comes with some very cool and extensive features that make e-learning way easier. Some of the features are:

1. Add the “Review” option to the courses.
2. It shows enrolled students other relevant courses based on prior courses and encourages them to enroll in new courses.
3. It has a “Coming Soon” option for the courses that are getting released soon.
4. It provides a Distraction-Free Reading mode to the students.
5. It comes with three different types of course layout designs.
6. You can put a filter option on course archives.
7. There are many more such features in the Reign LearnDash Addon.

LearnDash Dashboard

This is one of the must-have add-ons for all the e-learning platforms using the LearnDash plugin. LearnDash Dashboard add-on provides students, instructors, and admins with a dashboard to manage everything related to courses. Some of the features of the LearnDash Dashboard plugin are:

1. It provides dedicated widgets to students, admins and instructors.
2. Generate various reports for analysis, promotions, and advertising. E.g., commission-specific reports, students’ reports based on different criteria, course-specific reports, and much more.
3. Email option, which allows sending emails to many students at once.
4. It also provides Private Message options with BuddyPress integration.
5. A dedicated menu for Dashboard is provided on the WordPress menu.
6. Students can maintain a to-do list for their courses.
7. Activity feed for the live notifications.

There are many more extra plugins that you can integrate into your WordPress e-learning platform to boost sales, marketing, and interactions with students. Some of the most popular additional plugins are:

Integrate LearnDash With Some Popular Plugins



BuddyPress is a free community WordPress plugin that is used for making community websites like Facebook. Some of the BuddyPress features are:
1. Create students’ profiles.
2. Create different study groups.
3. Public or private chats or messages
4. Activity streams and much more

You could create a micro-social media platform within your WordPress e-learning platform.



It is the most trusted WordPress forum plugin. Its features include:
1. Automatic forum access
2. Create public and private forums for different audiences.
3. Create multiple forums dedicated to each course or some other criteria.



This plugin support will make online learning fun with adding some gamification to it. With the help of the GamiPress plugin you can:
1. Create a leaderboard for fun competitions.
2. Assign fancy badges, create a reward system for different tasks and activities.

Using LearnDash plugin and integrating different plugins, and optimizing them to reach efficiency. The possibilities are endless. With proper tools integration and management, you can significantly enhance courses’ quality and influence thousands of students to take different courses on your website.


It will help you set up the store, marketing, and selling of the courses. It is one of the best ecommerce plugins on WordPress, which comes with features like:
1. It helps is easy course mapping to different courses.
2. Assists in the integration of payment gateway and manage it efficiently.
3. Assists in the sales and implications of discounts and coupons.
4. Removes course users in case of reimbursement or cancellation of a subscription.


These all LearnDash Add-ons that boost Student Engagement will help you make a stunning and engaging eLearning website. If you are looking for a perfect LearnDash compatible theme then you can also check out this kick-ass free WordPress community theme BuddyX. Click here for the demo.

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