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Best WordPress Plugins to Create a Business Directory Website

To make your own business directory, several WordPress Directory Plugins are required. Given below is a brief description of the top WordPress plugins required to create a business directory website.

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Best WordPress Plugins to Create a Business Directory Website

1. Business Directory Plugin

Business Directory Plugin

The Business Directory Plugin incorporates all core directory features, for example, completely customizable form fields, image support, and payment acceptance. These core features are generally free when you download the primary plugin, yet you likewise have the choice to download some additional items for a premium price. This plugin has better-than-expected image options, with tools for changing the thumbnail sizes, adjusting the picture orders, and an area to drag and drop images into the pages. An inbuilt reCAPTCHA tool is also there, in order to prevent the appearance of the spam you frequently see on directories.  Frontend entries are available, and those individuals who submit the listings can alter content without signing into the backend of WordPress.

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2. GeoDirectory

GeoDirectory Plugin

GeoDirectory permits you to transform any WordPress theme into an amazing, fast directory. The plugin is more centered around generating a global business directory, yet you can chop that down into specific sections of the world or just oblige your area. The plugin has a frontend form for both regular users and merchants who need to add listings. The business pages are brought up in order of proximity to the client, with huge, interactive thumbnails to the left and an excellent Google Map next to it.  The plugin has a beautiful search interface.

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3. Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro

Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro

It’s a strong solution that coordinates with any existing website, and also supports different kinds of directories, for example, a film rating site, a stage for classifieds, or a travel guide. Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro can be downloaded for free in comparison to the other two plugins mentioned above. The developers likewise sell a few premium add-ons for upgrades. A portion of the add-ons provides tools for WooCommerce uphold, PayPal, Stripe payments, and a listings slider. The functions of the user are additionally very noteworthy, with an entire area for organizations to manage their listings, renew listings, and see the payment history. A feature of offline payment is also included in the business directory plugin.

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4. Connections Business Directory

Connections Business Directory

The plan of action for this plugin includes giving away the core plugin free of cost. the business directory plugin provides access to several free add-ons, some of which incorporate features for toolbars, logins, and birthday emails. The plugin is particularly helpful for developers who need to coordinate into special systems or customize for a totally unique directory. The APIs are open for you to play with.  A portion of the custom fields is unquestionably more exceptional than what you get with other directory plugins. For instance, the plugin offers custom fields for languages, hobbies, education levels, local time, and business open hours.

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5. Name Directory

Name Directory

Name Directory is a business directory plugin that adds name/term directories (glossaries) to your WordPress installation. The output on your site resembles a glossary/list, including a search function. This plugin supports different directories in one WordPress establishment.  It is recommended to investigate the screen captures, as they illustrate more than words.

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WordPress Business Directory Plugin provides different options to the website namely a rating and review system, media support, payment collection features, frontend submission options, and many more.

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