BuddyPress Social Articles Plugin Review

BuddyPress Social Articles

BuddyPress Social Articles Plugin Review

WordPress is the perfect platform for creating a blogging website. It consists of the vast majority of themes and plugins to choose from and make our website elegant and user-friendly without having any coding background. There are different levels of user roles who have access to create/edit a post, some have the moderation abilities, etc.

But, WordPress doesn’t allow its users to create blogs from the front-end. Yes, you cannot create/edit a blog from the website itself, you have to come back to the WordPress Dashboard.

Thanks to BuddyPress social articles plugin, with this plugin you can create/edit your posts very easily directly from your profile page. You can choose whether the posts will be directly posted or will go for the admin’s approval first.

Features of BuddyPress Social Articles

  1. Approval/Direct publish workflow
  2. Post Form Builder
  3. TinyMCE editor Support
  4. Status Administration
  5. Individual configuration for each field
  6. Responsive Design

BuddyPress Social Articles In-Depth Review

Social Articles Settings

You can access Social Articles plugin settings under wp-admin > Settings > Social Articles.

BuddyPress Social Articles

Here, you will get a General, View, Forms, and Troubleshooting Tabs. Each tab will have some specific set of options. Let’s take a look at these:

1. General

  • Select workflow type: Choose the workflow between With Approval or Direct Publish.
  • Send BuddyPress Notifications? : Enable/Disable Notifications for post publishing.
  • Can users edit their articles? : Allow or Disallow users to edit the published post by them.
  • Can users delete their articles? : Allow or Disallow users to delete the published post by them.
  • Show articles in logged-out users: Allow guest members to view the published articles on the members’ profiles.


2. View

  • Show published article counter: Display the number of articles.
  • Post per page: Limit the number of posts per page and add pagination after the corresponding post.
  • Excerpt Length: Excerpt is a short description of the post. You can limit the excerpt too.

BuddyPress Social Articles

3. Form

Here, you can find the form builder for the users. You can change the look and feel of the form as your preference, customize categories and tags fields, etc.

BuddyPress Social Articles

4. Troubleshooting

From this section, you can easily reset the settings back to normal.

BuddyPress Social Articles

5. Add-ons

In the Add-ons tab, you will find some add-ons which are compatible with this plugin and extend its features. Such as Toolbox, CPT, Multiple

BuddyPress Social Articles

Creating New Article

Users can create their own article through their Profile Page > Article > New Article.

creating new articles


The articles that are published by the users will be listed here. You can delete or edit your articles from here by clicking the icons at the right of the articles listings (if enabled).

BuddyPress Social Articles

Under Review

This section will not be available if users are allowed to post directly without any review. Articles under review will be listed here.

BuddyPress Social Articles


Social Article also provides you to save your post for later editing rather than publishing uncooked content. The Articles which you save will be listed in this section.

BuddyPress Social Articles


As we discussed above, this plugin also offers the notification feature. If enabled, it will send a notification to the publisher if his/her article will be approved.

BuddyPress Social Articles

Approving Articles

Admins can easily approve the user’s post from wp-admin > Posts > All Posts, if the workflow is selected as With Approval. They just have to change the status of the post as Published.

BuddyPress Social Articles

BuddyPress Social Articles


WordPress is a great platform for building a top-notch blogging website and it keeps on growing and improving. With the Social Article plugin, you can enhance your blogging experience by allowing others to create blogs right from the front-end.

You can easily integrate a front-end blog post editor with this plugin. We highly recommend using this plugin if you have a public blogging website. Thank you for Reading!

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