LAVA BP Post Plugin Review

LAVA BP Post Plugin Review (1)

Everyone likes shortcuts and me too. How easy it could be for me if I get an option on my profile that will let me post updates whenever I want. So I started searching for a solution. And finally, I got a plugin that could solve my problem.

Here is an awesome plugin from the LAVA Code that helps me with the option of the BuddyPress nav bar creation to post any blog at any time.

This plugin enables the nav option on the user profile that can be easily reached and the blog can be posted any time.


For using LAVA BP post plugin you need to have BuddyPress installed on your WordPress Site.

Is there any special setting in the Back-end?

There are no settings available on the Back-end but once you write any blog from the front-end profile page then further modification can be done from the back-end as it is generally done for the normal posts.

Noteworthy Features

  • BuddyPress nav tab supported.
  • Approval option for new posts
  • Features images supported.
  • Detail images supported.
  • List of posts in the BuddyPress nav tab (User Profile) supported.
  • Edit, Delete options supported for users ( Front-end )
  • Submit form shortcode supported.
  • Without Login, it’s possible to submit posts.
  • Without Login, automatically register new members supported.
  • Buddypress 2.9 compatible
  • Responsive design

Profile Nav option

When you visit your profile page after activating the plugin, then the option is clearly seen as the label of My Posts.

lava bp post plugin
showing my post option after activating the plugin

Under this option there are four other sub-navs with labels.

  • All lists: Every post that the user has created either in the back-end or from the front end will be visible here with the title of the post, date of publishing, and status of its approval.
  • Publish: The published posts are visible in this area.
  • Pending: Non-approved posts are visible Under this nav.
  • New Post: This option lets you write a new post and bring it to the All Lists nav option.

    LAVA BP Post Plugin
    showing sub options under my post

Publishing A New Post From the Front-End

To publish any new post from the front-end just click on the nav option New Post.

Under this option you will see all the options that are similar to the back-end options of the post editor.

These options are:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Category
  • Featured Image
  • Detail Image
  • Submit
    lava bp post plugin
    showing publishing new post from frontend

    Once you submit your post, after then you will see preview of that post. From this page you can check how your post will look after getting published. From this same preview page you can see publish this post option just below your post details.

LAVA BP Post Plugin Review
showing preview after post submitted

After Writing the post, just submit it and wait until the processing gets completed. After a few seconds, a confirmation popup will come and it will show the preview of your post.

lava post bp plugin
showing publish button on preview page frontend

After taking a look at the preview, you can publish it. The publish button is located below the featured image. Just click on the Publish this post option and you are done with the post publishing and your post will be listed everywhere it can be seen as a post.

Once your post gets published, you will not see the publish this post option anywhere on the blog post.edit post buddypress plugin

Another advance point of this plugin is that it is fully responsive to the mobile screen.

bp lava plugin
showing mobile view page-1
lava post bp plugin
showing mobile view page-2

For further modification, to your created blog you can go to the WordPress Dashboard >> Posts >> All posts. In Addition,  if you want to prioritize certain activities which help you to see that particular activity at the top then you can do this by using BuddyPress Sticky Post plugin.

LAVA BP Post Plugin Review
After publishing from frontend showing post edit option from backend

Select your blog and click on the edit option and make changes as a normal blog post.

Price: Free

Download Now

Wrapping Up

This lava bp post plugin solved every problem related to the blog creation that I was facing. The main problem was writing blogs from the back-end. And, that is solved very easily with a simple option on the profile navigation bar. Thanks For Reading!

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