5 Reasons to Add Web Stories for WordPress Community Websites

Are you confused about whether to create web stories for WordPress community websites or not? As you already know, the concept of marketing has changed completely. Being one step ahead of your competitors is wiser than regretting later.

A few years back, Facebook was the only social media we were introduced to. But now, we have many platforms on our plate, and we need to decide which one will be most appropriate for our needs. Businesses use online social communities to grab the audience’s attention and build more personalized relationships with them.

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Web stories for WordPress are among the most exciting features that help businesses get closer to their audience. We all use the most popular stories feature of Instagram that allows us to share quick stories with our friends and followers. Stories are the new way to reach your audience’s heart without hampering their news feed scrolling experience.

So if you want to go the extra mile for your audience, adding a web stories feature to your community can be the ultimate choice. Below is a detailed guide on web stories and why you need to add them to your online community. Let’s find out!!

What are Web Stories for WordPress Community Websites?

Web stories for WordPress in common words are an amazing feature that allows you to share your stories quickly and in a more visually appealing format.  However, as per recent studies, the average human attention span rate has reduced to 8.25%, which is a big enough challenge for marketers.

Web stories have appeared as a powerful weapon for businesses and brands to grab their audience’s attention without ruining their news feed scrolling experience. Another most attractive advantage is their mobile-friendly design that allows people to have a quick and enhanced view of their favorite brand’s updates anywhere anytime on the go. But first, let’s know why you need a plugin for Web Stories. Also, we will tell you why WP Stories can be the most appropriate choice for your community website.

5 Reasons to Add Web Stories to Your Community Website

The reasons to add web stories to your community website are countless. However, we will introduce the top 5 reasons to add this amazing feature to your community website. Have a look!!

Web Stories for WordPress

Give a Sneak Peek With a Variety of Content

Adding web stories for WordPress community websites offers many advantages to community owners. First, you can post a variety of content to give your audience a sneak peek at your business and create a buzz. As community owners have a hard time finding the most appropriate way of engaging their audience, web stories work perfectly to achieve so without much hassle. You can give your audience a quick behind-the-scenes’ to your office before the launch of the product or service and create a buzz to enhance engagement. Most brands often partner with influencers to introduce a new product or service and arrange events to grab their audience’s attention. In short, you get a whole new feature to post fresh content consistently.

Quick Share With Story Timer

Who likes spending too much time sharing their updates on an online community website? Allow your community members to share quick updates and select disappearing time using the story timer. Select how long you want the story to appear using the timer as required. No need to worry about ruining your profile layout by posting quick stuff that needs only instant engagement for a definite period.

Set Privacy by Restricting Visibility

Don’t want everyone to check on your stories? By using the various plugins, your member can limit the audience by changing the privacy setting on web stories for WordPress. Allow them to choose whether you want the post to reach everyone or with a limited audience only. Customize who you want to see your posts and choose accordingly using the great features.

Use Interactive Features

Video stories have great popularity these days among brands. We all know how much videos can draw the attention of the audience. Organize events, create polls, start Q&A, take surveys, and many more with your web stories on online communities to keep engaging your online audience. Furthermore, give your audience the chance to share stories in a storytelling format to engage better with their co-members.

Limit Stories from Publishing

Another excellent reason you should add web stories for WordPress community websites is to control the stories your members share in your community. On a community website, you can limit the stories from being published without your approval. So, get ownership control in your hands and approve stories of your members before publishing to protect the community from spam and abuse.

Why Create Web Stories for Your WordPress Community Website Using WP Stories?

The reasons for choosing web stories for WordPress Community websites with WP Stories are many. However, one of the top reasons includes offering a more personal and interactive tool to community owners to attract their audience.

Web Stories for WordPress

WP Stories is a perfect solution that allows community owners to add the rich stories feature packed with easy customization options to share visually appealing posts in a storytelling format. If you want your online community to stand out and be the first choice of your audience, buying the WP Stories plugin can be a suitable choice. Here is a glimpse of the key highlights of the amazing feature that enhances your community experience:

Key Highlights:

  • Share stories with three different rendering styles.
  • Customize the seen stories to be seen at last among all.
  • Set the time for both public and private stories individually.
  • Set the story timer to decide how long the stories appear.
  • Easily compatible with BuddyPress, Peepso, and BuddyBoss plugins.
  • Allows users to share video stories to increase audience engagement.
  • Manage the look and feel of the stories using the various styling options.
  • Easily compatible with RTL websites.

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Final Thoughts

So that’s how we wrap up our blog on Web Stories for WordPress community websites. We have shown above all the reasons you need to add this rich and powerful feature to your community website to make it more interactive. With WP Stories Plugin, you can eliminate the hassle of introducing this new feature to your online community. Choose from the three packages to get the most suitable option for a healthy and engaging community. Hope you now understand the need to add this brilliant feature, and please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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