Use WordPress With LearnDash For Your E-Learning Platform

10 Reasons Why To Use WordPress With LearnDash For Your eLearning Platform

As the world has gone digital, so is education. With the growing number of eLearning platform, people prefer online education for their children. You might also be thinking of creating an online education platform but might be confused about how to open one? It is a simple process, and all you need is a Learning Management system (LMS). 

You can find numerous options while selecting an LMS. But as a beginner, it is hard to get the best one. Well, from an expert point of view, WordPress+LearnDash is something you need to try. 

LearnDash is a premium WordPress Plugin that helps users to create and manage an online educational platform. It goes with any WordPress theme and can be customized using various tools. The plugin focuses on creating a dynamic platform and making it interesting for the users. Through LearnDash, you can sell courses, offer certificates, track your user profile, and much more. 

The platform is best for all the educational institutions that are planning to take their business online. 

Why LearnDash?



Packed with the best and latest e-learning techniques, LearnDash sets itself as a dynamic platform. It engages users and also appeals to them to use the platform for their needs. You can offer users time-to-time course content and can also set quizzes. Moreover, you can evaluate their assignments and certify them as per their score. 


As an admin, you can design and set various courses with pricing and payment options. It lets you monetize your courses through a shopping cart, membership, course licenses, subscription, etc. 

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LearnDash offers hassle-free control to the admin as well as users. Users can view their course content, development, badges, and certificates, along with a detailed report. Apart from it, the admin can set push and email notifications for the users. 

Latest Technologies

eLearning platform

As LearnDash composes the latest technologies, it goes well with all the latest WordPress themes and plugins. The system is mobile-friendly, and users can access it through any device and browser. There are no limits to media, and you can add all kinds of images, audio, video, and other files. 

After a basic introduction to LearnDash, let us tell you why WordPress with LearnDash is the best platform for online education. 

1 – Easy SetUp

WordPress is known for its ease and convenience. Any person with little knowledge can create and set up a website through WordPress. When it comes to an e-learning site, LearnDash also has the same characteristic. Within a short period, you can set up your site and sell your courses. 

2 – Supreme Features 

The combined features of LearnDash and WordPress make them the best platform for online education. After the installation process, you can easily add course content, user profile, admin account, classrooms, communities, dashboards, etc. As it is a dedicated online plugin, you will find every feature for your e-learning platform. 

 3 – Pleasant Themes

WordPress, along with LearnDash, offers user and admin-friendly themes. The themes attract users and enable you to set course content and pages quite smoothly. Also, you don’t need to spend too much time understanding any of the features. Moreover, you are free from compatibility issues – a condition where some of the LMS features fail as the theme lacks functionality. 

4 – Functionality

LearnDash with WordPress includes several LearnDash addons, free and premium, that will add value to your online courses. 

5 – Instinctive User Interface

The User Interface of LearnDash and WordPress makes things easier for both admin and users. It is the design that offers a premium feel to the users and also keeps them engaged. Every function has a question mark that will take you to the explanation of that particular function.

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 6 – Drag-And-Drop Course Builder

LearnDash has the drag and drops course builder that helps you in formatting the course content. All you need is to copy and paste the content in the editor. Just drag and drop content and arrange according to your need. With the real-time feature, you also need not refresh the page every time you make a change. 

7 – Quizzes and assignments

Quizzes and assignments are trending practices followed by almost every e-learning platform. With the LearnDash eLearning platform, one can set up quizzes and reward the users according to their scores. Apart from it, you can add automated messages and set quiz timers for your students. 

8 – Video lecture 

Video lecture 

Video lectures are an alternative to live learning or real-time learning. With eLearning platform like Zoom and Google classroom, you can easily add video lectures and conferencing in WordPress and LearnDash. If not so, you can add other plugins that offer video conferencing services in WordPress. 

9 – Rewards – Badges And Certificates

Everyone loves appreciation and rewards, especially the students. Through LearnDash, you can offer certificates, prizes, and badges to your students. Such rewards and appreciation keep them motivated and engaged towards your online platform. 

For instance, you can add the LearnDash gamification plugins to operate some online contests and games for your users.  

10 – Email And Messages For Parents

Alongside students, you also need to inform the parents about their child’s progress and growth. With the aim, LearnDash incorporates emails and push notifications. Parents need to add their email id and phone numbers to get updates about their child’s performance.

11 – Integrated Social Media Platforms 

Social media is a perfect eLearning platform to share your achievements and successes. In your LearnDash, you can add all your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. By this, the students can post their academic progress and success. 

Summarizing eLearning Platform


WordPress with LearnDash has proved itself to be the best eLearning platform for online education. To the people who are planning to start their own online education platform, we advised you all to use the LearnDash premium plugin. 

For any query or issue during the setup, allow us to make things easier for you.

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