PeepSo vs BuddyPress : Which One is better?

Which is better PeepSo vs BuddyPress? Are you looking for an answer? Social networking websites have become quite popular these days. There are dozens of social networks available where people having similar thoughts and ideas can connect with each other and exchange conversations. Social networks provide a common platform for people to interact with one another and engage in various conversations. A lot of apps are also available where the users will be able to post their activities.

Today, you will be able to build an excellent fully functional community website using WordPress. Two solutions are available that allow you to build a perfect social networking website. These two tools are PeepSo and BuddyPress. PeepSo and BuddyPress features have effective ways by which WordPress users will be able to integrate social activities to their WordPress web site. Let us know about PeepSo and BuddyPress features in detail.

PeepSo Overview

peepso and buddypress
PeepSo and BuddyPress features

PeepSo was launched in the year 2015 and it is basically a social network plugin that integrates seamlessly with your WordPress community website. PeepSo is an open source platform. It is free of cost and also allows you to customize the plugins easily. Your users will be able to add a social network or an online community to their WordPress website easily using PeepSo.

PeepSo also has a paid version using which you will be able to access the advanced functions. The plugin has WPML compatibility. The paid version is also not quite expensive. You will be provided with continuous and frequent updates all the time. The plugin is tested with the latest PHP and WordPress versions to make sure that it is prepared for whatever comes next. The plugin is PHP 7.3 compatible. It also has automatic testing tools and dedicated servers which will provide an engineer with all the facilities required to create a perfect WordPress community website.

PeepSo Community Features

User Profiles

Your users will be able to create a profile on your community website. The user profile has various customization options. You will be able to set your own avatar and cover images. You will be provided with a number of custom fields using which you will be able to add different information about yourself on your profile. The profile settings option lets you configure the different profile settings. The users will also be able to like other’s profiles.

Custom Profile Fields

You will be able to create custom profile fields for your community members. Some of the custom field types include birthday fields, multiple select, single select, date, URL, country and many more. You will be able to provide the necessary options from the single page itself without having to refresh each time you provide some information. The users will also be able to make changes to the profile fields from the frontend itself. You will be able to customize your own registration form, set privacy to the various profile fields and also customize the default fields.

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Activity Stream

The Activity Stream has various sections which are:

  • Activity Posts: The users will be able to write Posts on Activity Stream.
  • Privacy: There are 3 default Privacy settings available: Public, Site Members, Only Me
  • Nested Comments: Comments can also be nested so that your users do not lose track of the conversations
  • Pinned Posts: Posts can be pinned to the top of the Activity Stream – these are great for making announcements
  • User Hover Cards: Hover cards can be used to display the user’s profile summary.


Different reactions are available using which you can make your conversations more interactive. PeepSo provides you with a built-in set of Reactions. You will also be provided with an advanced admin panel from where you will be able to customize everything. You can also add your own icons and texts from the admin panel. An animated .GIF can also be created with ease.


PeepSo gives you the ability to use hashtags on your posts. The Hashtag search option is built-in in PeepSo. You can search either by using the search field or by directly clicking on the hashtag. Filtering by hashtags is also allowed. You will be able to configure the settings as per your choice.

Blog Posts

A Blog Posts tab can be added to the user profile. This features the blogs that have been created by the community members. A new activity stream is created each time a blog is published. You can add custom post types through custom code. The users can also react and comment on WordPress blog posts. These reactions and comments will be synced with the community posts. Beautiful author boxes and also be created below the blog posts.


Markdown lets you format your texts within the same community. The text formatting option can be used in comments, posts and profile fields also. You will be able to insert inline code that has syntax highlighting. You can also create ordered lists.

Live Onsite and Email Notifications

Notifications are sent as soon as someone comments on your posts or when someone replies to your comments. As soon as a notification is clicked, the users will be automatically redirected to the original page. There are 30 different notification types available in PeepSo.


PeepSo vs BuddyPress
PeepSo and BuddyPress features

You will be able to add widgets anywhere in your WordPress website. Some of these widgets are:

  • PeepSo Profile Widget: This allows you to add user profiles, avatar, user’s notifications and community BuddyPress profile.
  • Latest Members Widget: This displays newest community members along with their avatars.
  • Online Members Widget: This widget displays the members who are online.
  • UserBar Widget: It helps to display the user’s name and notification anywhere on the profile.

PeepSo Backend

Some of the PeepSo backend features include dashboard, mail queue, colour schemes, activity overview, appearance configuration, coherent configuration, terms and conditions and private policy.

Extra features

PeepSo also has a number of additional features. It comes with RTL support and is also cross-browser compatible. The plugin helps to give an exceptional look to your website. It also allows you to create a multilingual website.


  • GIPHY Integration: This allows you to send GIPHY in chats and posts.
  • BadgeOS Integration: It helps to create an achievement system for community engagement.
  • myCRED Integration: This lets the users earn points for community engagements.
  • LearnDash Integration: This plugin lets you set up an Elearning platform.
  • WooCommerce Integration: WooCommerce is a very popular plugin using which you will be able to set up a fully functional online store.

Advantages of PeepSo

  • PeepSo gives users complete control over the community website.
  • The admins will be able to display their own ads on their community website. This will help them to monetize their website.
  • The admins will also be able to set their privacy level for their user data.
  • The plugin is extremely easy to use and you need not require a professional developer.

Disadvantages of PeepSo

  • PeepSo is capable of working only with WordPress.
  • The complete package is not free of cost.

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BuddyPress Overview

buddypress and peepso
PeepSo and BuddyPress features

BuddyPress is basically a free software package that you can add to your WordPress website to create a social networking website. It is a complete out-of-the-box solution for a perfect social networking or community website. BuddyPress is a plugin that can be added to your website.

BuddyPress is an open source software and can be downloaded for free. You will be able to create a social networking system just like Facebook using BuddyPress. It is also a content management system that allows you to add and update content on your social networking website. The plugin is highly flexible and provides you with a number of community features like user profiles, community websites, etc.

BuddyPress Community Features

Member Profiles

You will be able to create member profiles for your members. The member profiles are highly customizable and come with fully editable profile fields that will let your members share details about themselves.with the other members of the community. A variety of custom post types are also available using which you will be able to develop a website of your choice. The members will be able to upload an avatar, edit their profile information and also customize personal account settings. The following profile field types will be available by default:

  • Text Box
  • Multiline Text Area
  • Radio Buttons
  • Check Boxes
  • Drop-down Selector
  • Multi Selector
  • Date Selector

You will also be able to adjust the visibility of the profile field types in the following ways:

  • Everyone
  • Only Me
  • All Members
  • My Friends


The users will be able to gain access to their Settings page and make different configurations to the options. You will be provided with the following options on the Settings page:

  • General: From here, you will be able to change or reset your password.
  • Notifications: This option allows you to enable or disable different notifications.
  • Delete Account: From here, you will be able to delete your account on the social media platform.


Your users will be able to create groups where like minded people can interact with one another. Groups are nothing but gathering of members. The member who creates the group becomes the group administrator. Group administrators can also create private groups. The Group component has various other sections like Group Directory, Single Group, Group Admin Panel.

Activity Streams

Activity Stream consists of all the activities of your website. All the activities that are done on the website are recorded by BuddyPress. Some of the popular activities that are recorded are blog posts, new friendships and blog comments. The users on your website will also be able to filter the activities to check what their friends are up to. Some of the specific sections of the Activity Stream are:

  • Sitewide Activity Stream
  • Group Activity Stream
  • Member Activity Stream
  • Activity Stream Management Screens


Notifications are an important aspect of user experience on your community website. They help to ensure that your users spend more time on your website. The new notifications will be displayed in the admin bar profile menu which is present beside the navigation menus. Notifications are released when someone sends you a friend request, sends you a message or invites you to join a group.


A BuddyPress website is an excellent place to make new friends. You will be able to send friend requests to others and also accept requests. This will definitely help you to get in touch with new people and also expand your community.

Private Messaging

You may have private conversations with several members of the community at a particular instance. You will only be able to send private messages to the members who are present in your friend list. All the members will be provided with their personal Inbox and Sent message folders. The members will be informed about new messages through emails or through notifications.


BuddyPress comes with a number of integrations which allows you to extend the features of your community website:

  • Advanced Ads: This will allow you to optimize the ads on your website.
  • LearnDash: Using LearnDash, you will be able to set up an e-learning platform on your community website.
  • Divi Builder: It is a WordPress page builder that lets you make different customizations to your WordPress website.
  • Contact Form 7: This plugin lets you create lead generating forms for your BuddyPress website.
  • Elementor Page Builder: It is an extremely popular page builder that comes with the drag and drop page builder tool.

Advantages of BuddyPress

  • The plugin is available for free
  • A lot of integrations and plugins are available

Disadvantages of BuddyPress

  • Some of the plugins are not updated regularly
  • The add-ons are not compatible with all other plugins
  • The customer support is quite slow

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, we can say that both BuddyPress and PeepSo features are extremely good choices for creating a fully functional social networking website. However, as BuddyPress has been around for a longer duration of time, it has become more popular. Each of these plugins has its pros and cons while working on WordPress. BuddyPress and PeepSo features are quite easy to integrate and work seamlessly with other plugins. The plugins are also quite affordable and are perfect for their cause.

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