WordPress Community Blog Plugin: Everything You Should Know

Worried about choosing from the enormous amount of WordPress community blog plugins? Blogging is often considered one of the best ways to build an online community. Now you must be thinking of a suitable platform to build your blogging community.

Fortunately, WordPress offers an easy-to-customize and interesting platform to build your online community with only a little drag and drop. As a result, you don’t have to go through the entire technical process of building a community site from scratch. Instead, you can easily focus on building your community by introducing new features and functionalities to the community.

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The good news is the huge list of plugins that lets you add unlimited functionalities to your blogging community. One of them includes the WordPress community blog plugin that allows website owners to add a blogging feature for their community members. So whether you are looking for a perfect online blogging community or want to create one, this blog is for you. Below is a comprehensive guide on community blog plugins to help make your search easier. Here we go!!

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What is WordPress Community Blog Plugin?

Do you know approximately 700 million blogs will be published worldwide by the end of 2022? With such massive consumption of blogs on the internet, having a blogging community seems to be very beneficial. As already known, a WordPress community blog plugin allows users to include some of the most exclusive features and functionalities to WordPress websites. Being a solid CMS, it provides every possible opportunity to website owners to enhance their website performance and appearance.

So if you have a WordPress-based community website, you can add almost any functionalities without any coding knowledge. These community blog plugins are unique set of codes that allow users to extend functionalities to WordPress sites. So all you need is to install these plugins and setup to give your website an extraordinary look and feel. Before we tell you why you need BuddyPress Member Blog Pro Plugin, learn about the benefits of having a blogging plugin for your community website. Now choose from the unlimited list of plugins to give your community website a touch of your brand.

Top Ways Community Blogging Plugins Benefits WordPress Sites

Plugins are an excellent way to extend features and functionalities in a website. However, we have mentioned the top ways they benefit community owners. Let’s find out!!

Reach Wider Audience

The biggest challenge for business owners is to reach a wider audience, and blogs are among the most preferred options to achieve the same. Businesses aim to reach a more targeted audience for an increased conversion rate. Furthermore, through guest blogging and ghostwriting, their work becomes easier. This increased the demand for more blogging platforms to fulfill the requirements of potential bloggers aiming to target their audience.

Link Building

How can we forget the link-building factor? We all know how important link building is for improving search engine authority. One of the key reasons blogging has increased dramatically is backlink creation. So we can say it is the best time to create your blogger community and provide a place for link building by choosing the most suitable WordPress community blog plugin. One of the most common examples we can have is Medium.com. The website is purely built for the blogger’s community and provides value to businesses.

Online Popularity

Do you know blogging is among the top choices of businesses to grow their popularity? Even google claims to focus on relevant content more than any other SEO factor for website ranking. As users tend to focus on businesses that add value to their lives, a blog helps perfectly achieve the same. With the proper implementation of content marketing tricks, a business can easily improve its online popularity.

Revenue and Authority

Last but not least, the primary focus of any business is the relevance and authority of their website to improve revenue. But how can you achieve this with blogging only? When you build a writer’s community,  brands can improve their authority by posting on a reputable website, as the audience will likely have more trust. Also, it is among the most common factors for search engine rankings.

Why is BuddyPress Member Blog Pro the Best Choice?

One can easily choose from the variety of WordPress community blog plugins available, and BuddyPress member blog Pro can be the most suitable option. Through this, you can allow each member of your community a place where they can share their blogs. The best part is the easy compatibility with the BuddyPress and BuddyBoss platforms.

WordPress Community Blog Plugin

Member blog Pro offers complete community blogging solutions where you can add unlimited blogging features to your community website. Get your community blogging feature ready within seconds by installing the WordPress community blog plugin on your WordPress community website. It is an extended and paid version of the free BuddyPress Member Blog plugin by Wbcom designs, where you can easily moderate each post before publishing. First, let’s help introduce you to the plugin’s key features.

Key Features of BuddyPress Member Blog Pro:

  • Allow each member to write a blog and get the entire list on their profile.
  • Assign roles to create a post and moderate each post before publishing.
  • Extended feature to publish posts inside groups using group integration.
  • Easy customization and editing of restrictions anytime, anywhere.
  • An option to add specific restrictions for the individual user role.
  • Upload media and editing options while publishing your posts.
  • Users are allowed to edit, delete, and unpublish their posts.
  • Set posting limits for users before publishing their posts.
  • Per Hour, Per Day, Per Week, Per Month, and Per Year restriction options.

Give Your Audience an Amazing Blog Creation Experience With Member Blog Pro

Creating a community blogging feature for your community website is a great way to improve your website’s authority and relevance. With the wide number of WordPress community blog plugins available, you can add this feature within seconds. All you need is to choose from three subscription packages of the BuddyPress Member Blog Pro plugin and install it on your WordPress community website to extend these amazing features.

Allow your members to share their thoughts and views through blogs and articles on your website using the many restriction options available. Also, get more advanced options and customizations by connecting with their expert team to give your community an excellent look and feel.

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So we have shared everything about the WordPress community blog plugin to help you start building your community blogging website. BuddyPress Member blog Pro can be the ultimate option to create your website without much hassle. So what are you waiting for? Purchase the most suitable package of this brilliant plugin compatible with BuddyPress and BuddyBoss to start. Keep reading our blogs for more information and updates about the plugin. Also, share your thoughts and questions in the comment section.

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