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How to Choose the Best Community Ads Plugin?



Have you ever heard about the community Ads plugin for WordPress community websites? Advertising is an excellent method community owners use to monetize their websites. Banner and Display advertising is considered the most popular advertising options to generate income through community websites.

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However, you must know that the right Ads placement also impacts your revenue. That is why we have a huge list of plugins available for WordPress websites. Are you worried about choosing the best Ads plugin for your community? We are here to make it easier for you. Below is a detailed guide about choosing the best Ads plugin for your community website. Let us help you get started:

How Do Community Ads Plugin Help?

A community Ads plugin is typically used for managing the placement of advertisements on your community website. You need to consider several things like the device type, user experience, user engagement, and many more while placing your Ads. When you have a larger community website, placing advertisements in the right place becomes more than important.

You cannot ruin their experience on the website by showing Ads inappropriately and at odd places. It significantly impacts user experience and engagement rate. That’s where a community Advertisement plugin comes to play to manage Ads easily on your website. Here, we will help you learn why these plugins are important and why the BuddyPress Ads plugin would be a great choice for a smooth and convenient Ads management process.

Benefits of Using Ads Plugin for a Community Website

Easy Integration

You know the hassle of building and managing a community website, right? Fortunately, WordPress comes with lightweight and easy-to-install plugins to assist you in creating a more user-friendly and responsive community website. With the help of the many plugins available for Ads management, you can give your audience a better experience.

User Experience and Engagement

Have you ever seen a website cluttered with Ads everywhere on a website? Did you spend time there or bounce away quickly? That’s how bad Ads placement impacts a website. If you want to give your community members a better experience, you can’t just put advertisements anywhere. Using a community Ads plugin helps resolve the issue by allowing you a chance to place Ads based on your preference.

Device Type

Another important thing to consider while placing Ads is the device type. Each type of advertisement doesn’t need to suit a particular advertisement type. When you choose a reliable Ads placement plugin for your community, you can easily ensure whether it is compatible with a device or not.

How to Choose the Ideal Ads Plugin for Your Community Website?

Choosing the most suitable Ads plugin for your community may sound like a daunting task. But we will help make it easier for you to find a reliable community Ads plugin without much hassle. Below we have explained the top things to consider while choosing the most appropriate Ads placement plugin for your community website.

Device-Friendly Plugin

We all know how important it is to make your community website compatible with different device types. Nowadays, users choose several devices to access your website making it crucial for your community compatible with different device types. You can easily check whether the ads can be displayed on different devices like tablets, PC, laptops, and mobile phones using a reliable plugin.

Targeted Ads

There are many advertisements that you want to limit to be seen for your logged-in users only. When you choose a reliable community Ads plugin for your community, you can ensure that the Ads are visible to the selected audience only. In addition, it helps you target what types of Ads will be visible to a specific audience.


As a community owner, you cannot spend enormous time and energy on tasks that require only a little attention. With a user–friendly and lightweight plugin, your work becomes easier by improving website performance. The easy setup and quick features help you align your advertisements based on your goals.

Using BuddyPress Ads Plugins for Your WordPress Community Website

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As you learn the benefits of using a popular Ads placement plugin, it is time to pick the most suitable option. BuddyPress Ads plugins is a free solution to help you place your advertisements according to your needs. We all know how popular BuddyPress is for community websites and choosing a compatible plugin for the platform is very important. That’s why Wbcom offers you the easiest and most free solution to help you manage advertisements on your community website effortlessly. So, choose BuddyPress Ads Plugin to integrate your BuddyPress community and provide a smooth user experience site engagement.

Do you know why we recommend the BuddyPress Ads plugin? Well, it is quite a complicated question. When you create a community website on WordPress, you don’t have to worry about extending features as there are unlimited plugins to help you achieve the same. Both free and premium plugins are available to improve your website experience, and BuddyPress Ads plugins exactly do the same.

Community Ads Plugin

You don’t have to spend any money to place your Ads as per your requirement. Instead, just go to your admin dashboard and scroll down the plugins section. Find the community Ads plugin and install it to as quickly as possible. No need to perform any lengthy setup and you are good to go. But before that, you need to learn about the attractive features of the plugin. We have explained all of them below:

Attractive Features:

  • Ideal for both BuddyPress and BuddyBoss platforms.
  • Choose Ads to place between plain text, rich content, and Image advertisement.
  • Display choice for different devices such as mobiles, PC, tablets, etc.
  • Select Ads for both logged-in and logged-out users.
  • Place the Ads at different locations on the website.
  • Feature for the content to float around the advertisement.
  • Create advertisements directly and smoothly from the backend.
  • Allows you to embed PHP code inside the Ads.
  • Feature to hide a specific advertisement from the CPT Ads listing.
  • Choose activity type to display the Ads between groups, members, and site-wide activities.

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Wrapping Up

While starting your community website, you must have thought that you could earn only through subscriptions and sales. But that’s not true. Advertisements are an excellent option to create revenue through your community. However, you need to have a rich and popular community Ads plugin like BuddyPress Ads to have a smooth experience in Ads management and placement. This free and excellent feature helps you manage your advertisements smoothly and effortlessly so you can focus better on different tasks. So, that’s how we wind up our guide to finding the perfect Ads management plugins. Visit our website for more information and updates, and don’t forget to leave comments for any queries.

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