BuddyX Pro: Customizable Social Network WordPress Theme

Are you on the go for creating social networking and a community site? For those, thinking of launching an online community, be it a membership site, a platform for e-learning, a social network, or for a different project, BuddyX Pro can be your theme for the job. This responsive theme can assist you to create an extensive range of websites having a community focus. This social network WordPress Theme features a pre-designed community website demo that helps you to find an ideal design for your project.

The demos in its theme package contains a stylish homepage layout plus the templates needed for the various internal pages of your online community. A highly customizable Social Network WordPress theme, BuddyX Pro makes it convenient to adjust the layout of your website.

Key Features Of BuddyX Pro That Offers Abundant Options For Your Online Community

Social Network WordPress Theme
Social Network WordPress Theme

BuddyX Pro is packed with every feature that is required to create a social network WordPress site or a professional community using WordPress. This theme has numerous useful networking and interactive features that have made it earn its place as one of the best community WordPress Themes. A crucial factor behind this aspect is it’s being developed around the powerful BuddyPress plugin.

The following features make BuddyX Pro a suitable theme for any type of website you wish to create.

Multiple Header Layout

The site visitor is initially attracted to the Website Header. The BuddyX pro theme is built with enchanting header styles that increase the interactiveness of the site. There is a top bar apart from a sticky header. Sticky header implies that the header is viewable, even when a user scrolls down the page. The sticky header remains “stuck” at the top of the viewport. Sticky headers offer faster navigation, increase conversions, and are preferred by users. Menu effects are also included in the header section. These features are exclusive to the pro version.

Check out the different header designs and choose the finest one for your community website.

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Creating A Social Network Site Similar To Facebook

Social community sites include public and private, social media and professional networking, membership, and open forum besides others. The BuddyX pro theme allows you to create your individual social network or community website as it is powered by WordPress and is compatible with BuddyPress.

Your website requires a community theme like BuddyX pro that not only aligns with your brand, but also allows your users to navigate and utilize your community website with ease. BuddyX pro is a versatile intranet/extranet theme for community websites.

You can conveniently design your intranet site and permit only registered users to access site content. It also permits you to have an open community or a splendid shop.

BuddyX pro is a multipurpose theme that integrates with BuddyPress as well as bbPress – 2 plugins vital to developing online communities.

Create Community For Non-Profit Organizations

Build an online community for employees, volunteers, fundraisers and stakeholders which can aid impact your reputation.

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Members And Groups Layout

With a view to making your community website more attractive and interactive, BuddyX theme is equipped with tidy and most versatile members and group directory layouts. It makes your website easier to use and appealing.

Layouts help in designing and customizing your web page easily. You can do the same for your WordPress community portal using BuddyX pro theme as it presents multiple layouts to style your group directory and members page.

You can activate or deactivate card hovers, avatar border, action buttons, set groups/members each page, card avatar format, Statistics, and style action buttons, besides a lot more.

WordPress 5.0 Compatible And Gutenberg Ready

BuddyX pro is compatible with the biggest software update of WordPress 5.0 which contains plenty of new features. It allows you to create pages and posts with advanced customization employing a block-based editor, termed Gutenberg. The new editor carries a block-based editing experience, similar to a page builder plugin, and will turn your pages and posts more attractive also.

Using the BuddyX pro theme you can draw the maximum advantage out of WordPress 5.0 and the new editor Gutenberg.

BuddyX Pro Offers Complete E-commerce Support

If you are desirous of monetizing your online community, BuddyX Pro has some handy features in this area also. There’s complete eCommerce support through the WooCommerce plugin, rendering it possible to gather payments from your members, either by a one-time payment or as recurring subscription plans. Since WooCommerce operates perfectly with the best payment gateways, it becomes convenient to receive fees through Stripe, PayPal, and various other platforms. Exhibiting advertising on your website is also an option to consider while deciding to generate revenue from your community portal powered by WordPress.

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Multiple Header Variations

BuddyX Pro theme contains a range of header variations for BuddyPress groups and members. You can select between 4 plus multiple members and group header variations with only one click and obtain your preferred community layout.

Multiple Member & Group Directory Layout

Members and groups are a crucial part of any community portal. So, to enable you to display your members and groups splendidly, BuddyX is equipped with multiple members and group directory layouts that you can pick from to showcase your community members and groups.

Multiple Member & Group Header Layout

BuddyX Pro Theme also includes multiple members and group header layouts that you can import with only one click. This feature also allows you to select a header you desire for your member and group page.

Moreover, it also enables you to permit your site members to determine how they wish to showcase their profile header.

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Packed With Superior Quality Pre-built Website Demos

BuddyX social network WordPress Theme offers you access to multiple demos which can be imported with simply a few clicks. After completion of importing demo content, you receive a replica of the BuddyX Pro demo to start working with. Such single-click installation support makes it simple to import content with one-click and design your website within minutes. Even a non-coder can handle blogging websites with ease. Simply choose the layout of the demo and import the content. Among the demos are community-building designs that are directed towards imparting corporate, entertainment, educational, and eLearning content.

Make Your Blog Seem Appealing With Multiple Blog Layouts

BuddyX pro offers different blog based settings to customize and showcase your blogs in the most lovely manner. The Blog layout style enables you to pick your chosen blog layouts from different blog layout options present. You can display your blogs in small, medium or large image sizes or can just display them in masonry or grid form.

Another feature that is exclusive to BuddyX Pro which is not contained in the free version is posts per row. The layout of your theme depends on rows and columns and if you want your WordPress theme to increase your posts display from 3 posts in a row to 4, the BuddyX Pro comes handy here as it increases your columns to hold more posts.

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Use Of Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are exclusive to the pro version of BuddyX which is not available in the free version. Breadcrumbs are the series of navigational links that join together to display precisely where you have navigated on a website. They are similar to regular navigational menus except they develop as you move across a site. The breadcrumb links build a link structure, with a hierarchy that displays the initial page you visited, followed by the next, then the next, and the next page.

Breadcrumbs assist the users navigate your website and can also boost your SEO. Breadcrumbs improve the user experience and also lower bounce rates by presenting visitors an additional way to browse your site.

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Mobile Menu Panel That Is Optimized

Responsive web design utilizes a combination of a fluid layout and media queries to change the design and layout of a website to adapt to different screen sizes. Plenty of work has also been performed on responsive images, assuring that images not just accommodate in a small-screen layout, but that the files downloaded to mobile devices are smaller, also.

Mobile design isn’t simply about speed and layout, but also involves user experience. One aspect of user experience is navigation menus whose presentation or behavior is modified on various devices and screen widths. Different approaches are employed to achieve this, whether by employing CSS or other languages like PHP.

BuddyX Pro Supports The BuddyPress Plugin

The compatibility of BuddyX Pro with BuddyPress Plugin enables plenty of additional functionality to ensure the success of your community site. It is wholly compatible with some BuddyPress features like Group Multiple Header Layout and Group Primary Navigation Style to which the free version has limited compatibility.


A community website enables people to join some exciting topic, share and exchange various ideas. Moreover, it performs the role of social contact, and considerably more popular than a few social apps. If you are a WordPress user who wishes to build an online community website, then BuddyX community WordPress theme is your best choice!