Add GIF plugin to Your Community Website

GIF Plugin: Why You Should Add to Your Community Website?

Are you looking for ways to add a GIF plugin to your WordPress community website? Gone are the days when people used to write text only to express their feelings. Thanks to social media, GIFs have become integral to our lives. We all know that the human brain processes visuals quicker than texts. That’s why GIFs have such a significant impact on our minds.

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Adding the GIFs feature to your WordPress community is not a difficult task. There are multiple ways you can use to add the feature to your online community. In this blog, we will discuss why to add them to your WordPress website.

What are GIFs?

GIF benefits both users and website owners in multiple ways. Graphical Interchange Format, abbreviated as GIF, is a bitmap image format that supports static and animated images. They appear as a small clip that constantly loops without having to replay every time.

Using a GIF allows you to share your thoughts and feelings much better than simple texts or static images. In short, it offers an excellent opportunity for brands or marketers to increase engagement and revenue generation options. Want to add this amazing feature to your online community? We will also discuss the BuddyPress Giphy plugin later in the blog. So Let’s know more about it!

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Benefits of Adding GIF Plugin to Your WordPress Community

Before we dive deeper into adding a GIF plugin, it is important to learn why you should have it. Also, it can be an excellent choice if you have a BuddyPress-compatible theme like BuddyX. So, here are the major benefits of adding them!!

Smaller Size

As brands look for better opportunities to engage their audience, it is wiser to go for an option that doesn’t harm your website’s performance. You must be thinking about why add GIFs when videos offer more engagement. The main reason behind this is website load. Adding too many videos will put an unnecessary load on your website. That’s where a GIF plugin comes to play.

GIFs come in a relatively smaller size as compared to high-quality videos. Also, they load faster due to their smaller size, which increases the user experience of your community. So, we can say it can be an excellent method to increase engagement in your community website without hampering the performance.

Supported Format

Another thing to focus on while adding a feature to your community is a format supported by all browsers. Remember, users, don’t prefer adding extensions for different tasks. As a community owner, you need to pay much attention to user experience and engagement. GIFs come in accessible formats that you can view in any browser. So, when you add a GIF plugin to your online community website, your users don’t have to install extensions to access the GIFs. Instead, they can easily access the feature irrespective of their browser.

Convey Messages Better

If we talk about conveying messages, visual images always come on top. Sometimes you can’t express your thoughts easily through your texts and get misunderstood. That is because our mind absorbs images easier than words. As they are more fun and interactive in use, people are likely to remember and absorb the information better. Also, the chances of getting misunderstood also reduce significantly and increase the images.

Reduces Bounce Rates

Increasing bounce rates can significantly impact a website. When you have a community website, your sole aim must be to increase engagement and interaction. The higher the bounce rate, the poorer the conversions. Adding GIFs to your websites for various activities allows your members to share their thoughts better and more interestingly. When your members have a better and more fun way to interact, bounce rates will significantly reduce.

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Why is BuddyPress Giphy Plugin the Best Solution?

You must consider various factors while adding a suitable GIF plugin to your community. However, when it comes to the best option, the BuddyPress Giphy plugin can be the most suitable option. Allow your members to engage more engagingly and temptingly to express their thoughts. Get the most attractive GIF videos and stickers for your community members for an engaging and interactive activity stream. Take advantage of the various features of a website, including:

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GIF Plugin

Display Thoughts and Emotions

No need to post those lengthy and boring texts in your community. The BuddyPress Giphy plugin allows website owners to make interactions fun and engaging. Display your emotions freely and quickly using exclusive GIFs.

Animate Your Activities

Are you looking for an awesome way to make your online community more engaging? BuddyPress Giphy is an excellent plugin to allow community owners to transform their activities by animating them. Post updates, reply to comments, and send a text using the animated GIF.

Interactive Private Messages

There might be several GIF plugins available for WordPress, but you need to find the most suitable option for your community. The BuddyPress Giphy plugin allows you to enable or disable GIFs on various elements of your community. Decide where your users get the GIF option. Allow your members to communicate using GIFs for different reactions and expressions.

These are everything you will get with the plugin. This quick and lightweight plugin allows you to get an excellent feature without ruining your website performance. No need to fear putting extra weight on your website by using this excellent plugin.

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GIF Plugin

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Final Thoughts

All in all, a GIF plugin is an excellent feature you can add to your website to improve user experience. BuddyPress Giphy plugin is the ultimate option you can choose to make your BuddyPress community more interactive and fun. Install the plugin from the website of Wbcom Designs and configure the setting to enable or disable the GIF feature on different pages of the online community.

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Give the users a chance to express their thoughts in a personalized and quicker way to avoid sending long paragraphs and simple texts. So what are you waiting for? Install the plugin on your WordPress community without a second thought and make your activity streams, replies, comments, and texts more fun and enjoyable.

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