BuddyPress Friends Suggestions Plugin

Why You Should Choose BuddyPress Friends Suggestions Plugin?

Want to add a BuddyPress friends suggestions plugin to your online community? Your social media newsfeed is a blend of posts and activities by your friends or followers. However, it is only possible because of your social network’s connections, friends, or followers. Friends and follow suggestion feature has become an inseparable part of social networks. Nowadays, people want complete freedom on their social platforms.

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For community website owners, friends and following features can do great help. Whether you need to add ‘People You May Know’ features like Facebook or follower suggestions like Instagram, a plugin will do the work for you. Also, we will help you learn why BuddyPress friends and follow suggestions plugin is the best option for you. In this blog, we will explain why you need a plugin for friends and follow suggestions. Here we go!!

Difference Between Friends and Follow in Social Communities

You may wonder why there is so much noise about friends and followers on social communities. People often consider friends and followers as the same thing. However, there is a lot of difference between both. Before we talk about the best BuddyPress friends suggestions plugin, let us know about them in detail:

BuddyPress friends suggestions plugin
BuddyPress friends suggestions plugin

What is a Friend in a Social Community?

You might be aware of Facebook’s most popular Friends feature. But do you know how it works? Friends feature is simply based on allowing people to connect with their friends, relatives, colleagues, or other people on a more personal level. If you have a community website, you must be looking for ways to allow your community members to connect and engage. With a BuddyPress friends suggestions plugin, you can easily let your members connect by sending a friend request. In addition, it will allow your members to view other members’ profile pages and their activities to develop connections on a personal level.

What is a Follower in a Social Community?

A follower feature is another way to help people in a social platform connect and engage. Also, it allows people to differentiate between their friends and followers. However, the exact implementation of a follower feature varies from platform to platform. For example, on Facebook, you automatically follow a person you become friends with. On Instagram, you can only follow others, and on LinkedIn, the following feature is reserved for only companies and public figures. So we can say it is up to you to decide how your followers will feature.

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3 Reasons You Need a BuddyPress Friends Suggestions Plugin

Are you looking for a suitable BuddyPress friends suggestions plugin for your online community? Here we have provided the top reasons to add this amazing feature to your WordPress community.

Increased Popularity

Brands these days adopt several ways to increase their popularity. But do you think your audience will connect without having full freedom to grow their popularity? Nowadays, your audience loves connecting with new people and making relationships. A BuddyPress friends suggestion plugin allows you to give your audience a chance to improve their popularity in your community and build relationships. That is because when a member connects with other members, they start showing suggestions of mutual connections, resulting in increased popularity.

More Engagement

Do you think you can improve member engagement in your community without allowing them to connect? When you add a BuddyPress friends suggestion plugin to your community, your members can easily connect and engage by commenting, liking, and sharing their friends posts.

Build Relationships

Do you know how communities form? A community forms when people of similar interests connect and grow. So do you think your members can connect without friends and follow plugins for your online community? With a plugin, you can easily allow your members to connect and build relationships. When they meet people across various backgrounds and geographical boundaries, they can easily build relationships on a personal level.

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Why Should You Choose BuddyPress Friends and Follow Suggestion Plugin for Your Online Community?

The reasons to choose BuddyPress friends and follow suggestions plugins are many:

  1. Improve your website experience by adding this excellent plugin to your platform.
  2. Get the control to create suggestions based on your member’s profile data.
  3. Give your users the access to build relationships based on their preferences and profile matches.

Want to create friends and follow suggestions feature in your online community? Know why Wbcom’s BuddyPress friends and follow suggestions plugin is the best option.

People You May Know Widget

Want to include a People you may know widget like Facebook? BuddyPress friends suggestions plugin can be the ultimate solution for your community website. Allow your members to get suggestions based on their profile matches. Set the profile matching criteria in the backend to control how your members find each other and on what basis. The feature of the BuddyPress friends suggestions plugin allows you to suggest community members connect.

BP Friends and Follow Suggestion backend
BuddyPress friends suggestions plugin

Profile Matching

Set the profile matching criteria based on your preference in the backend to show in the header section of each user profile. Display the profile matching percentage on the header section of members if they have similar experience and interests, such as work experience, academic background, or working in a similar company or industry.

Create Profile Matching Rules

Create rule sets to manage profile matching criteria for your community website. Set rules based on profile matches to increase the social visibility of a user profile in your community. Enable or disable the profile matching criteria from the backend to make your community a better place.

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Final Thoughts

So are you ready to add the BuddyPress friends and follow the suggestions plugin to your community website? There might be several options in front of you, depending on your community’s needs. With a  BuddyPress friends suggestions plugin, you can easily add a suggestions feature to your website. Get a complete solution at pocket-friendly prices to choose the ones based on your needs. We hope you have now understood everything about the plugin. Also, share your feedback and queries in the comment section below!

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