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How to start a membership website business?

The membership model is the most innovative business type as the customers are loyal, and the cash flow is consistent and usually growing. It is also high value for the customers as they all contribute to paying for the content. So, it makes it easier for the business to manage finances and create regular content at the highest quality. However, the most challenging part of this business is to start. Most people want to create a membership website but don’t know how to. It is effortless, just that you need to follow these following steps carefully, and you will have a magnificent membership website of your own-

Find your specific niche.

This is the first step of the process. It would help if you found something that you want to work on, good at, and what people want/need. These three factors combined will make your niche. The niche needs to be quite specific and not vague. You can go to different SEO websites and research topics or keywords that people have searched for and get some ideas/options.

Even Quora can be helpful as you can browse through unanswered questions and see which topics have the most significant number of questions or readers.

Locate your audience

Once you finalize your niche, you need to find the people you want to spend on that niche. These people will become your members, and everything that you will do is supposed to be according to them.

You have to find out the platforms they use the most, the content they will like the most, and the best way to make them land on your page. You might even have to make adjustments to your plans as per their reaction to a particular change or decision. You can use forms and surveys to get some insights before or after the set-up of the website.

Consider membership length and subscription.


The next part is the decisions as per the audience, the decisions like- budget, membership length, subscription fee and what platforms to use for advertisements, and how much to spend on which platform.

You may also need to set up a trial mode or a trial subscription for the initial stage. So, you can decide whether to give the trial to everyone or to ones that register only. Such decisions may seem minimal at the start as the size of the audience might be small, but these will make a massive impact on the bigger picture.

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Decide on a content strategy and frequency.

Now, you know your niche- you know your audience, and you know how much money you will charge them for your service; now- this is when you decide how much value you will provide for that money.

You need to build a content strategy- the type of content will be determined; the posting frequency will be decided. But, again, you need to keep in mind your audience. Your content must resonate with the age group and mindset of the people you are targeting. 

Build a membership website

This is the time to build a website; you can contact a web developer to do this and get it constructed queries perfectly as you want it. Another option is to use online platforms that give you options of templates to choose from.

These platforms will help you personalize and customize it as well. These are also safe and secure in terms of customer data. There is also the factor of ease. 

Find followers and ambassadors.

Now, with the help of platforms like WordPress, you can set up your membership website easily. It can be up and running within a few days, and let’s suppose that your research and survey forms have come with results too.

Because the next step is to build an audience and acquire customers, you have to advertise, communicate your message and woo them into visiting your website. Remember, your website should be similar to the expectations you set in the advertisements. 

You can take help from influencers and enthusiasts of the niche as well. Your members can also act as promoters as their testimonials will bring some audience to the website.

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Building a membership website is an easy task in terms of technicality. But it would help if you focused on every decision you make as the steps are taken at the start will decide the destination. In addition, you need to find and act as per your audience and leverage the benefits of membership site platforms. 

You can read a few case studies or directly contact your audience to determine their preferences and use them for crucial decisions like subscription length and cost. You also need to regularly review the content as it is essential for the audience to feel heard.

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