WordPress Sticky Post Plugin

WordPress Sticky Post Plugin: The Definitive Guide

Are you looking for ways to pin the most relevant and important activities on top of your community website? Do you know that your community timeline is a reverse chronological feed that buries your older posts to infinity? Users these days don’t prefer scrolling down at the end of the website to find important updates and activities. And that’s where a WordPress sticky post plugin comes to play. BuddyPress doesn’t allow customers to pin activities on its website. However, you can add this feature with the help of a compatible plugin to your BuddyPress community website. Here we will help you learn why you should add these plugins and the best plugin for your community. Here we go!!

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Why is WordPress Sticky Post Plugin Used?

A sticky post plugin is helpful for community website owners in many ways. Suppose you need to inform your audience about an important event or market a special product or service. How will you ensure your audience doesn’t miss out on this exclusive offer? That’s how a WordPress sticky post plugin comes to play. Community owners can easily enable or disable an important pin on the website as required. It offers several options to website owners whether about pinning posts on activity pages or group pages. Below we have mentioned the reasons you need a plugin for the task. We will also discuss the BuddyPress sticky post plugin for online communities.

WordPress Sticky Post Plugin
WordPress Sticky Post Plugin

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Top Reasons You Should Add Sticky Post Plugin to Your Online Community

A sticky post plugin helps community owners in many ways. There are several reasons you should add them to your community if you plan to have one. Let’s have a look at the most important reasons!!

Increased Engagement

There is no sure-shot method of increasing website engagement on a community website. However, there are ways that increase the chances substantially. With a WordPress sticky post plugin, you can allow your members to find the most critical activities at the top of the website. Give your members access to find blog posts, activities, updates, and more on the top of the community pages.

Activity with Countdowns

Do you want to run a countdown for events, quizzes, contests, or giveaways for your community members? Community owners often introduce activities for their members with an expiration date. A WordPress sticky post plugin helps website owners quickly add offers with countdowns to add or remove them as required.

Promotional Needs

Pinning your posts on the activity pages is an excellent method to promote your products or services to potential buyers. You can use the sticky post plugin to pin important offers or marketing posts on the community website.

Important Reminders and Updates

Don’t want your community members to miss the most important events or activities? Website owners sometimes need to post important reminders and updates on the activity pages. A WordPress sticky post plugin helps community owners post an important reminder to save their members from missing it.

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Why Choose BuddyPress Sticky Post Plugin for Your Online Community?

Sticky posts offer an ultimate solution to website owners for vital tasks and activities in their community. Several options might be available to pin your most important events or activities for your members. The BuddyPress sticky post plugin offers an ultimate solution to site administrators to stick the most important posts on the top of activities pages. Get control of pinning important element on your hands with this stunning plugin. Pin activities or posts on both activity or group pages to stick important stuff all over your website. Choose from the available pricing packages to add this amazing feature at the most affordable prices. Want to know more about the plugin? Have a look:

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WordPress Sticky Post Plugin

Activity Pages or Group Pages

Want to learn the best ways to manage essential updates on your online community? The BuddyPress Sticky Post Plugin allows site administrators to set activity for both individual activity pages and group pages. Pin the most important posts at the top of the website to remind members about the important events and offers. Control and manage the sticky posts by pin/unpin posts and changing colors based on your online community.

Never Miss Important Reminders

Don’t want your customers to miss important updates, countdowns, offers, or events? A WordPress sticky post plugin helps site administrators pin important reminders for their members to save them from missing out. Pinning them on the top of pages helps your community members remember the upcoming event or expiring offer.

Platform Compatibility

It is not important that all community owners build websites on the same theme. That’s why Wbcom offers site administrators a plugin that efficiently works on all types of themes. Also, you can try the BuddyX theme to build your BuddyPress community website in the easiest way possible. Choose whatever theme you want based on your preference to make your BuddyPress community more interactive and engaging. The plugin works smoothly on all types of themes for your BuddyPress community website.

Affordable Pricing

A sticky post plugin may not sound very important, but you really need it if you have a big community. That’s why it comes with the most affordable prices to improve interaction and engagement on your community website. So what are you waiting for? Choose an ideal pricing package based on your budget.

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Closing Thoughts

We hope now you have learned everything about the WordPress sticky post plugin. A BuddyPress sticky post plugin offers many advantages to website owners. Choosing the right plugin may sound like a daunting task if you have a community website. But, BuddyPress sticky post plugin is an excellent option you can choose for your online community. Stick posts on both activity pages and group pages based on your preference. Set activities with a countdown on top of your community website to let members know when the deal expires. You can share your thoughts in the comment section for any doubts and queries.

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