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Why Add Coming Soon Courses Plugin to Your e-Learning Platform?

So you want to launch new courses in your LearnPress e-learning community, right? Don’t worry! Here, we bring you the best ideas to launch your online courses and create hype. Have you ever been to a website and see the coming soon courses countdown on a page or a product or service? That’s what we will discuss here. If you have a WordPress website, this blog is just for you. A coming soon plugin offers an excellent option to e-learning website owners who want to place a countdown for their upcoming courses. Now let’s go and have a detailed look at the various aspects of the coming soon courses plugin and why you need one.

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What is a Coming Soon Courses Plugin?

When you own an e-learning community website, you need to use several methods to keep your community learners interested and engaged. Introducing new courses and tutorials are among the most popular ways of creating enthusiasm among your learners. But have you ever thought about how to show coming soon courses to your e-learning community? That’s where the need for a plugin arises.

We all know how plugins help website owners customize and add different elements to a website. You can use the same method to add the coming soon countdown for your website. So if you are about to launch a new course, the “coming soon courses” plugin is all you need. Here we will also tell you why LearnPress LMS Coming Soon Plugin can be an ideal solution for your e-learning community website. Moreover, we will discuss several other reasons to add this to your website below.

3 Reasons You Need Coming Soon Courses Plugin

Coming soon plugin
Coming Soon Courses Plugin

Before we introduce the best plugin for your site, you need to learn the top 3 reasons to add the plugin. Let’s go!!

Powerful Marketing Trick

You already know why you need to market your products before launching. With a coming soon page, you can quickly introduce your course without having to launch the final course. It enables your learners to learn about the course you are going to launch and creates enthusiasm among them. If you know the exact launch date, you can set the countdown to let your audience know that you are about to bring something new. It is an excellent marketing trick that allows you to get some excitement for your users.

Introducing Visuals

Nowadays, visual representation has significant importance for website owners. With a coming soon plugin, you can easily share some visuals with your learners without needing to share a complete product with them. Also, your learners will have a glimpse of the course before the launch.

Protection from Errors

Errors can occur at any time during the launch of your product, and they might create a bad influence on them. When you add a coming soon courses plugin to your LearnPress community, you can easily protect unwanted errors displaying before the final launch.

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How to Choose the Best Coming Soon Plugin for Your e-Learning Website?

Several plugins are available for a LearnPress community. However, you need to keep a few things in mind before choosing the best plugin like LearnPress LMS Coming Soon Add-on for your site. Here is a quick list of the top things to consider while choosing your ideal solution. Have a look!!

  • Easy to Get Started: A major mistake you can make while choosing the best coming soon courses plugin is picking a problematic plugin. The plugin you choose should be easy for beginners to install and configure. Choose plugins that don’t require much time to understand and set up.
  • Integration with Platforms: You might not have focused on this part yet. But yes, integration with the platforms like WordPress themes and plugins is also important. If you have your website on LearnPress LMS, the plugin must support the platform.
  • Lead Generation Tools: Have you ever thought about why people introduce their products, services, or website through a coming soon countdown? Because it also offers various opportunities to collect leads through contact forms and email lists. A popular coming soon plugin allows you to collect leads using the different in-built elements.

Why is the LearnPress LMS Coming Soon Add-On Best for Your Website?

By now, you have understood what to look for in your ideal coming soon courses plugin. But do you know why we recommend the LearnPress LMS Coming Soon Add-on plugin for your e-learning community? Because this is a quick and lightweight plugin for those, who want a one-click installation and setup. The plugin offers site admins to show upcoming courses on single pages. It is an excellent tool to promote your courses and enhance enthusiasm among your learners. The reasons to choose this excellent plugin are many, but here we will introduce the top reasons to add this to your e-learning community!!

Here is the Video to understand LearnPress LMS Coming Soon Plugin

Show Countdown for New Tutor LMS Courses

Adding countdowns offers an excellent way for site owners to create excitement among their audience. With this Coming Soon Courses plugin, you can easily attract more audience to your coming soon page by showing a countdown.

Engage Learners

Since your e-learning website is a community, it is crucial to keep your learners engaged. With a coming soon page on your website, learners start waiting eagerly for the launch, increasing the engagement rate.

Control and Customization

Another excellent reason e-learning website owners should choose LMS Coming Soon addon for their website is the ease of control and customization. Website owners can easily control how the coming page will be displayed and include the various elements.

Ease of Personalization

Have you ever thought about why site administrators focus on their coming soon pages? When you have an attractive and welcoming page for your upcoming courses, you can easily attract more audiences to it. With this plugin, you can personalize the coming soon pages by including attractive images, texts, and elements.

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Final Thoughts

The first thing learners see about your upcoming courses is the coming soon page. With the help of an excellent coming soon courses plugin, you can make your course’s first impression the best. We have already mentioned everything important about the plugin, but you need to decide on the most suitable plugin for your community. Go through the various features of the LMS Coming Soon Add-on plugin and check how it will be an ideal fit for your website needs. For further queries, you can share them in the comments section.

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